Perpignan: for Chiara Fontaine, 20, Miss Roussillon 2022, "it's really a little girl's dream come true"

Perpignan: for Chiara Fontaine, 20, Miss Roussillon 2022, “it’s really a little girl’s dream come true”


Elected Miss Perpignan 2022 on July 8, the lovely Chiara Fontaine, 20, a second-year psychology student in Montpellier, has just won the title of Miss France Roussillon 2022 among “ten other competitors, but good friends too”. And it’s been two days since she still hasn’t come down from her little cloud. Impressions, 48 ​​hours after his triumph.

It’s huge what I just lived, I still can’t believe it “says, still on his little cloud after his final victory and a unanimous vote, our Miss France Roussillon 2022. A title which had disappeared for five years, absorbed by that of Miss Languedoc-Roussillon. “What makes me even more proud and fulfilled is to wear the blood and gold scarf again and to represent my city, Perpignan and through it my Catalan country” adds Chiara Fontaine, 20 years old, all round, 1.74 m, long curly hair in a cascade and honey skin. “This election she said again, It really is a little girl’s dream come true. And all this thanks to Lucille, my maternal grandmother to whom I am very close, and who pushed me to register and introduce myself. It must be said that since I was old enough to watch television, with my grandmother we have never missed a Miss France contest. It’s a ritual.”

His two parents, separated, reunited again on the evening of his coronation

Student at the faculty of psychology in Montpellier “I am in the second year, but there I will have to put my studies on hold. I will devote myself entirely, first to my role as ambassador of Roussillon and respond to requests, then to the preparation for the national competition of Miss France 2023 which will take place next December in Chateauroux (Indre) ” continues the young woman resident and native of Corneilla-del-Vercol. For the moment she prefers to savor this victory “step by step”. She admits “don’t stop remaking the film of the evening”. She remembers that his family, relatives, friends were scattered in the ranks among the public. And above all, Chiara had the surprise and the immense joy of discovering “Reunited again that evening, for me who is also an only child, my parents separated. And there I admit, I took a big emotional shot. I was in tears…”

What she will also remember is “the impression of having succeeded his introductory speech. “I wanted to highlight the fights of our elders for equality. Far from being a stylistic effect, I claim both my femininity and my feminism, like many young girls of my generation. I have read a lot of writings and works on human rights and women’s rights in particular. Without being a pure and hard activist or considering myself as a spokesperson, I believe I have a strong feminist fiber rooted in me.”

Font-Romeu welcomes the 8 candidates for the title of Mister France Roussillon 2022

This year, the Mister France competition will take place on August 19 in Font Romeu, in partnership with the municipality of Font Romeu, which is hosting this event for the first time. The 8 candidates for the title met several times at the El Mil.lenari Theater in Toulouges for the preparation of the show. They will therefore go up to Cerdagne to participate in this competition which will crown one of them with the honorary title of Mister France Roussillon 2022.

To participate, candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 28, be single and be at least 1.78 m tall. The selection criteria are “elegance, elocution, posture and reasoning”. The winner will represent the Pyrénées-Orientales department at the national ceremony which will take place on March 5, 2023, at the Poissy theater (Yvelines).

Information on: 06 28 81 22 48

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