“Perfect alliance between digital marketing and data science, Artefact supports advertisers in inventing the customer experiences of tomorrow by relying on new technologies.”


What are the main specificities of Artefact?

Thomas Quelin: Artefact is a new generation of digital agency bringing together under the same banner business, marketing and creative profiles and expertise in data analysis to help advertisers design innovative and ROI-generating campaigns, on all SEA channels, Paid Social, Programmatic, CRM and retail, digital channel in full expansion at the moment.

Thanks to the systematic establishment of multidisciplinary working groups (our media experts collaborate with our teams of data scientists and data analysts), we are able to support our clients both on matters of strategy and media activation than on the in-depth analysis of the results available in the APIs of the tools to provide more advanced insights, such as on Amazon Marketing Cloud for example.

With a very complete geographical coverage (presence in Europe, Americas, Asia and the Middle East), we support more than 300 brands on branding and performance issues, with maximum flexibility in terms of project governance and as adapted as possible to the organization of our clients.

New services and recent news?

Natacha Kocupyr: Since the start of the year, we have rolled out two new offers with high added value for our customers.

A “Search Incrementality” offer which consists in providing a complete methodology for measuring the increment of traffic and conversions, generated by the purchase of Brand keywords in Search, to help our customers optimize the allocation of their budget SEA. We build the test protocol (keywords, test and control regions, timeline), brief the media agency in charge of SEA campaigns (or directly our teams when Artefact is also in charge of SEA campaigns), and provide recommendations post-tests. To do this, we mobilize a hybrid team of SEA experts and data-analysts to ensure the significance of the results and the actionability of the recommendations.

Also, we are increasingly providing our clients with outsourced profiles, either generalists to help our clients structure Data and Digital marketing departments (process, guidelines, tools, technological infrastructure, etc.), or expert profiles in SEA, Paid Social, Programmatic, SEO or even CRM to intervene on their most specific issues: implementation of measurement solutions, definition of customer journeys, implementation of A/B tests, feature deployment roadmap on a DSP, etc Our consulting DNA allows us to continuously train our teams in the issues encountered by our customers.

How does the agency see the future of its profession?

Thomas Quelin: Our media agency business will become more and more hybrid in the coming years. We will have to both ensure operational excellence in media activation through perfect mastery of tools and new technologies, but also support advertisers on more complex subjects (insights, measurement, test protocols, data roadmap, etc.). ) by providing methodologies that are both rigorous and agile, facilitating decision-making. New generation digital agencies such as Artefact are best placed to support brands in their challenges.

This transition to a hybrid model necessarily involves greater transparency on the media strategies activated, total independence vis-à-vis technology and media partners and the establishment of remuneration indexed to the results obtained.

Thomas Quelin – thomas.quelin@artefact.com

Natacha Kocupyr – natacha.kocupy@artefact.com

Co VP Digital Marketing at Artefact


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