Pascal Obispo : son ex, Julie Hantson, s’affiche en compagnie d'un célèbre animateur de TF1 juste après sa séparation

Pascal Obispo: his ex, Julie Hantson, appears in the company of a famous host of TF1 just after his separation

The news should surprise fans of the couple. Indeed, after 7 years of living together, Julie Hantson and Pascal Obispo have separated. According to the latest information, Julie Hantson would have embarked on another adventure. We tell you more.

They got married in 2015

Pascal Obispo was formerly married to singer Jennifer. Their relationship had its ups and downs. It is especially the stockings that have caused their devouring.

After this failed marriage, Obispo finds love in the person of Julie Hantson. At the time, the young blonde was 26 years old. The two lovebirds were married in 2015. They said yes to the Notre-Dame-des-Flots church in Cap Ferret, in the middle of September. Publicized, their story has made more than one dream…

Source: Berzane Nasser/ABACA

We can say that Pascal has never been so in love. Indeed, the interpreter of the title “Fallen for her” has never ceased to repeat to anyone who wants to hear how much he loved his wife. He confided on the set of “C to you” that his meeting with his wife changed his life. He said he found balance thanks to the young blonde.

“I now live in harmony for more than six years he said and I became someone else,” he confided.

Their romance recently ended

Who would have thought that after such a declaration, they would still end up separating? Obviously, the couple formed by Obispo and Hantson only lasted seven years. Here recently reported that the artist decided to go on his own way. Corridor noises even suggest that the two hadn’t heard each other for some time.

Recently, we saw Julie Obispo in the company of a known animator. This happens only a few days after the announcement of his separation. And the host in question is none other than Arthur from TF1.

The pretty blonde actually posted a photo of herself on Instagram with Arthur by her side. The two met during an interview on AirZen Radio. The Obispo ex received congratulations from his fans. Commenting on the photo, an admirer distinguished himself by showing his admiration.

“Strong tonight to hear Julie’s reunion with Arthur, whom I admire a lot”, could we read.

A publication that was liked by Pascal Obispo, it must be specified.

Julie Hantson takes charge of her life

Julie Hantson doesn’t seem devastated by her recent breakup. Instead of wasting her time crying, she prefers to take her life into her own hands. Indeed, the ex of Pascal received an offer to relaunch his career. This offer comes to her from AirZen Radio and she, without hesitation, accepted it.

In the columns of Current Woman, she says she found an appointment that looks like her. And in this new project that she has just discovered, she will tackle various subjects that are close to her heart. The young woman, freshly separated, believes that nothing happens by chance. According to her, everything is connected. We wonder if she did not foresee this meeting with Arthur…

In life, there is always a before and an after. And Julie leads by example. Clearly, her recent breakup is not stopping her from bouncing back. While the noises run in the corridors, she adopts a beautiful attitude. She faces fate with courage.

Hantson sends a message to those who add to his friendship with Arthur. She invites them to listen to her column more often. Which, in short, gives him publicity.

What about Pascal Obispo?

Pascal Obispo, father of Sean Obispo, is now in his second divorce. But he preferred to remain discreet about his recent separation. Indeed, during an interview on Midi-Libre, he mentioned a completely different subject. In fact, the singer will soon be back on stage. From July 23 to 30, the Festival des Fous Chantants d’Alès will take place.

It is a cultural and musical event created by Michel Schwingrouber. Pascal will take part in this event. This is what he talked about during his interview. But he took the opportunity to also talk about another project. The artist-singer will soon celebrate his 30-year career. And to mark the event, he is planning a tour. Julie is therefore not the only one to do everything to move forward…

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