Et si vous vous lanciez dans le marketing BtoB ?

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B2B franchise marketing is very successful with many entrepreneurs in France. Recognized for its high profitability, the sector has seen the proliferation of many specialized brands in just a few years.

Spotlight on the BtoB marketing market

Business-to-business (BtoB/B2B) marketing consists of marketing the product, service or SaaS of one company to another. This includes all marketing measures that have a positive effect on the relationship between two companies. The aim of marketing activities is to build a base of trust and bind more closely with the customer structure.

Regarding the latest trends in terms of B2B marketing, they include the integration of AI into CRM, or the use of augmented reality and virtual reality to present new offers.

In full expansion, BtoB franchises have been able to take advantage of their specialization with innovative concepts sometimes positioned in niche markets. Concierge, temporary work, babysitting, IT assistance, coaching, training… the franchise has conquered all niches in the professional market.

To shine in this segment, it is essential to have powerful business expertise and excellent commercial skills. The important thing for franchisees is to be very well trained by their franchisor.

Franchise networks recruiting in BtoB marketing

Mailboxes, etc. offers companies several services such as sending parcels, printing, business domiciliation, etc. We are becoming the reference BtoB|BtoC multi-service center for its customers, who can concentrate completely on their core business .

Personal contribution: €40,000 (possibility from €20,000).

sowink develops digital solutions for the world of crafts, commerce and VSEs. The objective is to improve their visibility and make them acquire new customers via an offer adapted to their profession and their budget.

  • Personal contribution: €5,000.

American company which landed in France in 2002, signarama offers companies in a single place all the indoor and outdoor communication solutions to make themselves known to their customers (commercial brochures, illuminated signs, etc.).

  • Personal contribution: €30,000.

WINLIGHT International is the first network of specialists in giant LED screens in France. The brand designs and installs all types of custom LED screens for indoor and outdoor communication.

  • Personal contribution: €5,000.

TO WIN is a network of agencies specialized in digital whose mission is to support SMEs and ETIs in the optimization of their marketing systems, and thus to promote their commercial performance through the Internet.

  • Personal contribution: €5,000.

First and only expert network in customer reviews, More than PRO has for mission to identify the qualitative companies of their sector and to help them to develop their profitability by being more visible on Internet.

  • Personal contribution: €5,000.

With around 150 branches, HERE is the global network of signage experts specializing in visual communication. Its dealers offer the design, manufacture and installation of printed and cut visuals for professionals.

  • Personal contribution: €20,000.

The observatory recommends:


Task Force in recruitment for Business and Project Engineering professions present in nearly 10 countries, we are a reference in the recruitment of Middle and Top Managers.

Contribution €10,000

ACQUIRE Franchise

Digital strategy consulting agency

Contribution 0 €

Franchising Veha Consulting
Veha Council

Veha Conseil supports catering professionals in the areas of food safety, pest control and occupational risks in the workplace

Contribution €7,000

Planet Guardians Franchise
Planet Guardians

Specialist in building cleanliness, replacement and recruitment of building caretakers

Contribution €9,000

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