One Piece Red: indoor riots don't bother the Grand Rex

One Piece Red: indoor riots don’t bother the Grand Rex


On the Daily menu of August 15, we start with the third Sonic film, the release date of which we have just learned. We continue with the overflows of the projections of One Piece: Red. Finally we talk about the return of the Berserk series. The Daily, let’s go!

The overflows of One Piece do not pose problems for the Grand Rex

Previews of blockbuster anime movies tend to be a bit chaotic, like the one for Jujutsu Kaisen 0 recently. In their excitement, fans start screaming and jumping all over the place to show their joy. It happened again, this time with One Piece: Red, and in some theaters it was even worse. The session was particularly dramatic in Marseille, at the Pathé La Joliette cinema, where the screening of the film took on the appearance of a football match. The video shot on the internet and doesn’t really paint a good picture of the community. If this kind of scene has been seen elsewhere in France, the Grand Rex cinema was very satisfied with its own previews. Some spectators have complained about the shouting, but for the cinema owner, it is the kind of atmosphere that fans seek for this kind of event, while disapproving however of the scenes worthy of riots like in Marseilles. It must be recognized that Japanese animated films are not the only ones to experience this kind of overflow, fans were also screaming during certain screenings of the latest Spider-Man. Anyway, nothing justifies ruining the screening of others, and you can love a movie while remaining civilized.

The third Sonic movie reveals its release date

While early previews of the Sonic movie sparked outrage among fans over a design deemed unworthy of the blue hedgehog, the feature film managed to win over its audience regardless and we were also treated to a second installment. in stride. We discovered there Tails, Sonic’s friend, as well as Knuckles and the success was even greater than for the first film. The post-credits scene revealed that Sonic’s next opponent will be Shadow! The film already gives us an appointment on September 20, 2024, the same day as Avatar 3 in theory. It will be a very blue month. In the meantime, we should soon have a spin-off centered on the character of Knuckles, still with Idris Elba in the dubbing.

The Berserk series is back

The iconic manga Berserk unfortunately had to say goodbye to its creator, Kentaro Miura, who left us in 2021 leaving his work unfinished. And yet, Berserk will have an end and a sequel. The Golden Age arc is the first step in that comeback, in the form of an animated series. As a reminder, this is practically the beginning of Berserk: a land torn apart by an endless war, where we discover Guts a fiery young fighter. By losing a fight, he joins the troop of Falcons, mercenaries led by the mysterious Griffith, and our hero will know many battles. For this new edition, the teams will rework the visuals of the films and add exclusive content. This new edition is called Berserk: The Golden Age – Memorial Edition. It will first be released in Japan in October, and will cover the adaptation of the three films released between 2012 and 2013. The computer-generated images will be modernized for the occasion.

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