L'un des meilleurs jeux de la PS5 est à 19€ en physique, qu'est-ce que vous attendez ?

One of the PS5’s best games is $19 physical, what are you waiting for?

Good deal news One of the PS5’s best games is $19 physical, what are you waiting for?

Some people are complaining that the PS5 catalog is not full enough. If they’re not into indie gems too… Hades is one of the best games released in recent years, and the recent physical release on PS5 is now at a bargain price. If you’ve never touched it, it’s now or never to go for it, it’s a must, really.

Hades drops to only €19 in physical version! An exceptional price for an exceptional game

HADES is one of those rare titles that have won dozens of awards in all possible categories. Personally, it’s one of my favorite games of my life even though I’m not even a big fan of Rogue-Lite (we’ll explain the term later for people less expert in video games).

Regardless of the platform, the game is extremely well optimized, but it does particularly well on PS5. Released relatively recently in physical version, we first found it around 40€, then 30€… and here it is at 19.99€ at Cultura and even Amazon!

Frankly, at this price, do not miss such a marvelous video game. Regardless of your player profile and level, you will spend dozens of incredible hours alongside Zagreus, promised juror.

One of the PS5's best games is $19 physical, what are you waiting for?

Buy Hades on PS5 for €19 at Cultura

Buy Hades on PS5 at 19€ on Amazon

Hades, one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch but also for the PS5

Hades, what is it? Let’s start with the story. The title’s narrative is rich, extremely intelligent, and full of endearing characters. Basically, you play as Zagreus, son of Hades (yes, the king of the underworld in Greek mythology) and, as a good teenager, you try to flee dad’s domain to reach the surface. As you progress, you will learn more about your past and that of the Olympian Gods you encounter.

Gameplay level, we said it, it is about a Rogue-Lite. According to Wikipedia: “Rogue-Lite is a sub-genre of role-playing video game in which the player explores a dungeon infested with monsters that he must fight to gain experience and treasures.” With this experience and these treasures, the player improves his abilities, and returns to the coal to always go further, until finishing the final level.

Here, Zagreus seeks to advance through the Underworld, gets killed along the way, returns to his room deep in his father’s kingdom, learns from his mistakes, improves his abilities, and tries to escape again.

If it doesn’t make you dream on paper, we beg you, go beyond prejudice.

We said it, Hades is one of those multi-award-winning titles adored by both critics (hello) and by players around the world. Just on JV, for example, we gave the game a score of 18/20, and the very few faults found are nothing but quibbles.

Even our readers, often more demanding than a journalist’s rating, gave Hades an average rating of 18.3/20. It’s a masterpiece no more no less.

Conclusion of our Hades Test (18/20)

After experimenting with different genres, Supergiant Games delivers here its best vintage. Beautiful to die for, enjoyable to take in hand and terribly addictive, Hades sins only by its structure identical to each run which may displease some. In return, it offers a gripping story carried by a Greek pantheon more charismatic than ever and a perfectly brought narration. Backed by solid game systems, Hades always reveals more the more you think you’re done with it. Whether you’re a good client of the studio or of the Rogue-Lite genre, don’t hesitate for a second, because the latest addition to Supergiant is, without a doubt, an unmissable back-to-school item.

Buy Hades on PS5 for €19 at Cultura

Buy Hades on PS5 at 19€ on Amazon

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