one of the participants of the show has died, Faustine Bollaert "thinks hard of all her family"

one of the participants of the show has died, Faustine Bollaert “thinks hard of all her family”


In April 2018, Ca commence today received the visit of Emile, a man in a wheelchair, handicapped by Charcot’s disease of which he was then a victim. In a message posted on the show’s social networks, we learn of the death of this guest who had moved many viewers. thanks to his strong testimony on his condition. At the time, he said in particular that he had “realized [qu’il] was going to die”. Four years later, this incurable disease which affects nearly 7,000 people a year in France has been overcome by its strength.

A rare and incurable disease

It was a very strong testimony evoked on the set of Faustine Bollaert and which made it possible to highlight a disease also known under the name of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This rare neurodegenerative condition, which affects between 5,000 and 7,000 people in France, is little known and currently has no treatment to resolve it, or even to avoid it. In It begins today, Emile had thus explained that when he learned of his illness, he said to himself that he “no longer had the right to make mistakes, what I want to give is happiness”. Feeling selfish in saying this, he reported that “if I bring them happiness, because they say so, I bring them a lot of strength, if they are happy tomorrow, if they are all happy, my children, of course, my grandchildren and everyone, me, I continue to live through them.” The father of the family was then accompanied by two of his children, Fred and Kevin.

He wanted the success of his children above all else.

In his testimony, Emile notably returned to the fact that he was not “not believing” : “I’m not necessarily a believer, but I am sure that the happier they are in life, the better they will be in life, I will always be alive with them. On the set of the France 2 program, he had mentioned a last wish before leaving: “the success of my children”. In front of his loved ones, he also mentioned that this thought allowed him to “not die” : “whether it’s tomorrow, in a year or in two years why not, I won’t die thanks to them. They may be sad the day I disappear, like everyone else, but they will say ‘no, we are not sad, they will keep partying they will be better i am sure they will be better. A particularly touching testimony that Faustine and the teams of Ca commence today wanted to recall by paying tribute to her: “We learned, with great sadness, of the death of Emile who came to testify in April 2018 (…) Emile left surrounded by his family, as he wished. Faustine and the whole team are thinking of all her family. Under the post, many Internet users also paid tribute to him. Earlier in May, another witness also died.


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