OM : Payet, une drôle de stratégie mise en place par Tudor ?

OM : Payet, une drôle de stratégie mise en place par Tudor ?


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OM: Payet, a strange strategy put in place by Tudor?

Posted on August 23, 2022 at 8:30 p.m. by Alexis Bernard

Slightly opposed to the methods of the new OM coach since his arrival, Dimitri Payet is experiencing a complicated situation in his favorite club. If Igor Tudor is far from having unanimous support since taking office, it is with the Reunionese that things have not been going well recently.

What are the plans by Igor You sleep with Dmitri payet ? The answer is not obvious but one thing is certain, this problem will have to be solved for the good of the club, the supporters, the coach and the player. Sidelined since the start of the Ligue 1 season, Dmitri payet is directly affected by Tudor’s decision not to start him. Asked several times for his choices, the Croatian coach claimed that payet is out of shape and he does not intend to change his plans for the moment. A strategy that does not have a big impact for the moment on the results of dive since the Marseillais recorded two victories and a draw in three games.

A questionable decision

He said it and repeats it: igor You sleep does not intend to change its plans for the moment. Breaking away from his attacking midfielder Dmitri payet by putting him on the substitute bench since the start of the season, the ex-coach of Hellas Verona seems to make life difficult for anyone who gets in his way. A reaction that looks like a punishment, while the Frenchman had asked at the beginning of August for a meeting with the management to settle the tensions.

Payet remains impassive…

UnlessIgor Tudor does not put in place another strategy: sting to the quick Dmitri payet to make him react and get the best out of his player? Joseph Mourinho has mastered this art, with some pretty star success stories that have given even more than they could manage. But there, not sure that this is the right method… To respond to this dismissal, Dimitri Payet had not hesitated to react discreetly by refusing, for example, the captain’s armband when he entered the game, as sign of protest. Moreover, he also showed that he was no more affected than that by celebrating his 300th appearance in the Marseille jersey last weekend.

The downside to come?

This situation could undermine the balance of the Marseille workforce if the two men do not get along quickly. If for the moment the results are decent, the tide could turn and dive could get into a bad impasse. Only a few days before the start of the group stage of the Champions League, time is running out in Marseille. On his side, igor You sleep could pay dearly for his decisions. By depriving a “Marseillais for life” of play, he alienates an entire public and exposes himself to criticism. If the situation worsens, he could be held responsible for the poor results and the bad atmosphere in the dressing room.

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