OM | Interview de Thauvin : "À Marseille, au milieu des dingos"... Polémique après le dérapage d'un journaliste de RMC et de l'ancien Olympien

OM | Interview de Thauvin : “À Marseille, au milieu des dingos”… Polémique après le dérapage d’un journaliste de RMC et de l’ancien Olympien

Words may have overtaken their thought. But the fact remains that the damage is done. Former Olympian Florian Thauvin was the guest of the show “Rothen s’ignite” on RMC last night. During his interview, the native of Orleans spoke at length about his time in Marseille. He also took the opportunity to settle accounts with the club’s former president, Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

But last night until late at night and again this morning, it was what he said off the air that made the twittosphere react to the mayor of Marseille. Thinking the microphones cut, the journalist Jean-Louis Tourre, the former footballer Jérôme Rothen and the guest of the day Florian Thauvin discuss the new life of the latter in Mexico. “Flotov” evokes in particular the living environment for his family, his partner and his son, since he joined the Tigers. “Just for my son, today he is 2 years old. He speaks Spanish with the nanny, French with us and he is at American School. It’s a crazy thing, just for him“.

To which the RMC journalist adds, addressing Thauvin: “In truth, you did not imagine yourself raising him in Marseille? In the middle of dingoes and everything, right?“Words that generated a wave of indignation.”I’m honest, that I can’t say on the airanswers the 2018 world champion. But it’s true that when I got the extension offer from OM, they made a crazy effort, with a crazy contract. Longoria and Sampaoli did it all. But I said to myself, ‘my son is 2 years old, it’s not possible that he goes to school in Marseille like that’. Even me and my wife couldn’t take it anymore.”

Benoît Payan’s response

Journalist Jean-Louis Tourre then apologized in a tweet: “On the remarks at the end of Thauvin’s itv. It was of course not intended for broadcast. Now that this is the case, I regret the word “dingos” to qualify the Marseillais. A familiarity to designate the particular context that we have to manage when we play at OM“, he tries to justify. The mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan, wanted to answer: “Good evening RMC Sport. FYI: OM is the biggest French club, Marseille its most beautiful city and the Marseillais its most incredible people. Have a good evening. #TeamOM“, he chirped.

A few hours later, Florian Thauvin himself posted a video on the networks to explain. He returns to this conversation “private“that he lives”like a betrayal” and said to himself “disappointed“.”We do not reveal a private conversation publicly. I’m not going to give more importance and talk about this any longer. What is important for me is to come back to the subject and in particular to the comments made by the journalist (Jean-Louis Tourre, editor’s note). I do not subscribe to them at all and they are inadmissible. I made a mistake because I did not react“, he explains. “I should have reacted and defended ourselves. For that, I really apologize to all Marseillais“.

“Flotov” then insists on the fact that he needed to look elsewhere after his time at OM, both in terms of his professional career and his private life, advancing a pride of “discover a new country, a new culture“and allow his son”to learn several languages“. He concludes by emphasizing his attachment to the city and the club.”Go OM and long live Marseille“.

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