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Nour, Florent Pagny’s protege launches a distress call: “He’s ruining my life, I can’t take it anymore”!

No has demonstratedamazing talent during his appearance on the eleventh edition of “The Voice” on TF1. She moved several music professionals including his coach Florent Pagny. She is just beginning her rise to fame under the admiring eyes of her fans. But recently, she published a disturbing video on TikTok. In tears, the winner of “The Voice” asks for help from her community to get out of this difficult episode in her life.

Florent Pagny: The success of Nour in “The Voice”

Seeing this passionate young girl in the spotlight, her fans had always thought thatshe had everything to be happy. After all, success has often smiled on him.

Nour’s career began to take off from his participation in “The Voice Kid”. This year, she won the latest edition of “The Voice”. His victory thrilled so many viewers. His coach Florent Pagny, too, is really proud of his career.

Everything led to believe that by experiencing this growing success, this talented young lived in happiness. Fans didn’t expect to hear what she endured in his private life.

Her first heartbreak

Internet users were surprised at the release of this video that Nour shares on TikTok. She appears there in distress and completely in tears.

She would be crossing a universal passage that a human experiences at least once in his life. At the age of 19, Nour saw a difficult breakup.

The radiant face she had during her finale on “The Voice”, now wears a mask of pain and sadness. The young woman is barely out of her teens and is currently living a heartache which she bears badly. In order to seek more comfort, she shares this difficult period with her subscribers.

Messages of encouragement from his fans

In her video, Nour had her hair slicked back and her eyes brimming with tears. But netizens were even more worried confessions who followed.

“He’s ruining my life, I can’t take it anymore guys,” she confides. These famous words were addressed to his ex.

Many of his subscribers sympathized with his pain :

“I’m so sorry for what happened. “, “Oh no Nour, you make me too much pain, be strong please” they wrote.

Others did not hesitate to tell him that it will eventually work out.

“I’ve been there, don’t worry, it’s going to be hard, but one day or another, you’ll be able to come back up, I promise you,” a fan whispers to him.

@nouroff_ How do I get out please? #night ♬ original son – ssb <33

But Nour, inconsolable replies:

“It’s been seven months and nothing has changed. »

Most of the comments were from young girls who probably also lived heartbreaks like the latter. These are the ones that give him advice like:

“Do what relaxes you, hang out with your friends, your family” or “Block it, go out and enjoy your vacation”, “Do what relaxes you, hang out with your friends, your family. »

One person will even say to him:

“Try to forget it even if it’s complicated. »

Easy to say. That’s what she’s been trying to do for a while, but can’t. Maybe she posted the video to receive a little support or just to act out his feelings. Maybe she just wants to know that her fans are there to whisper encouragement like some:

“Courage Nour, you only deserve happiness. and “I hope you can pull through.” »

The life of the former candidate of “The Voice” continues

Despite the difficult time that Nour is going through, his life didn’t stop there though. On the contrary, the daily life of Florent Pagny’s protege is more and more hectic. It is also an opportunity to change your mind.

Between concerts and studios, she also connects outings with friends. She is even preparing a big musical project for her fans.

The efforts of the young singer are supported by these words of his coach which always resonate in her and act as a balm to the heart:

“Great victory for Nour! I’m really lucky to share these moments with such wonderful talents. »

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