Nordi Mukiele au PSG, simple doublure ou vraie valeur ajoutée ?

Nordi Mukiele au PSG, simple doublure ou vraie valeur ajoutée ?


PSG have a new recruit to strengthen their defense. And it’s not Milan Skriniar, Inter Milan’s much-coveted defender since the start of the summer. No, while perhaps waiting for the arrival of the solid Slovak, Paris is bringing back a French international, Nordi Mukiele, to France.

PSG did not want to miss the opportunity this summer to recover the former Montpellier player at a lower cost (note: the transfer amount would be between 10 and 15 million depending on the bonuses) when he had no more only one year of contract with Leipzig. But a question comes up with this reinforcement: does the Parisian workforce really pass a course by offering the kid from Montreuil who left in 2018 in Germany to gain thickness?

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Nordi Mukiele (RB Leipzig), May 8, 2022

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First a liner on the right

On paper at the start, the situation is clear. Nordi Mukiele does not arrive in Paris in the role of a potential holder. The one who made his range at Paris FC before joining Stade Lavallois will notably come to compete with Achraf Hakimi for the position of right side. While Colin Dagba has gone to Strasbourg on loan, PSG wanted a new head to densify their right side in their quest to double the positions. In the corridor but also in the axis, since Mukiele can also help out in central defense on the right.

If it seems difficult to see him for the moment shaking up the hierarchy both at the right piston position where Hakimi is coming out of a convincing first season at PSG and in central defense, the former Héraultais, who is only 24 years old , however, looks like a great bargain seized by the champions of France, both for its price and for its profile. Certainly, it is not a reinforcement that will improve the Parisian team-type at first.

But the tricolor international with a small selection on the clock (note: against Finland 2-0, September 7, 2021 in Lyon) ticks several boxes which suggest that it can make it possible to improve the workforce of PSG and correct shortcomings glimpsed in the past. “This is not the category of player who can make strokes of genius, or make a difference on an action alonebelieves David Lortholary, our specialist in German football. But he is solid. It has volume. He has an interesting contribution. If PSG is looking for credible and solid players on whom we can rely, we are not bad. If PSG wanted extraordinary players, artists, there…”

Nordi Mukiele has signed for PSG

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A player who is considered the top of the basket in the Bundesliga

Courted last winter by Atlético Madrid where his sobriety and fighting spirit had caught the eye of Diego Simeone, Nordi Mukiele will offer another profile to Christophe Galtier for his right lane. If he is not as effective offensively as Achraf Hakimi – who can make real differences up front – the former Montpellier player can help stabilize the Parisian block. Especially in this three-way defense desired by Christophe Galtier this season, a system that Mukiele already knows perfectly for having experienced it in Leipzig in recent seasons.

If some see him as a worker in the shadows, the right side also already has a good experience that he has built up both in the Bundesliga (where he was vice-champion of Germany in 2021) and in the League of champions (23 matches with a semi-final in 2020). Because across the Rhine, it has even become a reference. “He has acquired a status with his performances in Leipzig which makes him a player who is considered top of the basket in the Bundesligalaunches David Lortholary. It is almost unavoidable. We can classify him in the French-speaking players, who succeeded in the Bundesliga but also shone there.”

While Mauricio Pochettino had a hard time doing without the services of Hakimi both in the Champions League and in L1, Nordi Mukiele should thus pose less of a dilemma to Galtier if he wants to give the Moroccan a breather or offer something else on the right. . Because if Thilo Kehrer has recently shown interesting things to the point of seducing the Parisian staff during the preparation according to The Parisian, the German, announced on departure, provides fewer guarantees on the right, he who is a central defender by training despite his versatility.

More than just an option in the axis too

If he can erase some shortcomings in the corridor, Mukiele can therefore also render good services in the axis. Because if he only played five times as a central defender with Leipzig last season, it is a position that he also masters. Those who have had him under their orders in the past see him more in this role. “At the beginning, he had played on the right in a defense with four, but it was in the axis, with three, that he made his best performances.explained Michel Der Zakarian, his former coach at MHSC to

This role was ideal for Nordi who by his morphology and his athletic qualities has a central defender profile, even if he adapts very easily. Nordi is a player with character. He is set to play at the highest level“, assures AFP for his part Denis Zanko, who launched him as a pro in Laval. Assets that will not displease Galtier. And suggest that the Parisian workforce will come out stronger.

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