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Nolwenn Leroy collapsed: she very affected by the disappearance of a French singer, rest in peace

A few years ago, Nolwenn Leroy managed to make himself known thanks to his musical talents. Last year, she also released her latest album. A way for her to make tribute to a famous French singer.

A beautiful tribute to Christophe

On April 16, a terrible tragedy struck the world of music. Indeed, the singer Christophe, known for his famous title “Aline”, died at the age of 74. And this, after being hospitalized for respiratory failure.

Since his death, the tributes have continued to follow. At the time, Nolwenn Leroy also made a nice dedication to Christophe. As a reminder, she released her new album in November 2021.

Titled “La Cavale” and written in collaboration with Benjamin Biolay, she wanted to pay tribute to the interpreter of “Les Mots Bleus”. In an interview with Vivement Dimanche, the singer gave some information.

During her visit to Michel Drucker’s show, she had mentioned the death of Christophe. She had also revealed some anecdotes about their times spent together. The artist looked very saddened by his death.

“We were all stunned by this terrible news. We spent time together. A few dinners. And we also have worked together on a song in homage to Balavoine ».

“I had to pay tribute to him”

If Christophe and Nolwenn Leroy had music as a common passion, they also had a real love for Auvergne. Thanks to her album “La Cavale”, released last year, she wanted to address a few words to Christophe.

The beauty had also explained to Michel Drucker: I also spoke to him a lot about my Brittany whom he knew less. And the fact of seeing him go there, in this region that we were talking about, knowing him alone at that time and the context which was terrible ”.

She then revealed: ” you me had to pay homage to him. One thing is certain, Nolwenn Leroy had a hard time recovering from the death of Christophe. From time to time, the artist does not hesitate to indulge in an open heart.

Recently, she also made some unexpected revelations about her father. On March 24, in an interview with the magazine S by Sophie Davant, she confided in her childhood.

Nolwenn Leroy, raised by a “solo mom”, the revealed: “I have never sought the gaze of the father throughout my life as a woman. I have never sought to realize myself through the eyes of a man..

Before making a very important point: “My companion does not come to fill my gaps. He’s there. And supports me, as I do on my side for him”. The beauty has never had to face the patriarchy.

Nolwenn Leroy confides in his childhood

If his father was absent from his life, Nolwenn Leroy still had a very happy childhood. “With us, it was women’s house. My great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and I lived under the same roof (…)”.

However, she pointed out: “There was also my uncle and my grandpa anyway! ». Nolwenn Leroy also admitted that the his parents’ divorce had been difficult to live with.

“My mother had, after brilliant studies, given up a career to follow my father. A great classic. When they broke up, she was left with nothing.”.

Nolwenn Leroy also explained: “My sister and I had to be independent. Not to depend on the other. There was this underlying discourse that you had to be independent at all costs”.

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