No more subway, work, sleep!  The French are trained in Digital

No more subway, work, sleep! The French are trained in Digital


Digital marketing training: an ideal retraining to improve your quality of life

Businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, everyone is today affected by the digital. A study by GWI reveals that the “typical” global Internet user now spends nearly 7 hours a day on the Internet, all devices combined, and 85% of companies consider digital as a real engine of growth. Indeed, the Covid-19 phenomenon has accelerated the digital transition: being competent in the digital field is now a norm.

But the transition was too fast for many: indeed, 1 out of two companies believe they need support to ensure their digital transformation and many French people need training to be up to speed with the rise of digital. Employees and self-employed are now faced with new issues: mastering new digital tools, knowing how to be present online, knowing webmarketing techniques. To overcome these shortcomings, the French are training in digital technology.

Of them French serial entrepreneursThibaut and Marine have solutions to offer. They recently launched their webmarketing training, objective: plan your webmarketing strategy step by step in order to develop your online visibility through social networks, SEO, advertising buying and e-mailing. Founded in 2022, the Digital Winner Academy offers 35-hour CPF-eligible certifying training.

It’s 100% online: 15 hours of videos, 10 hours of practical cases on your project and 10 hours of live coaching workshops with Marine and Thibaut. Their observation is that most online training courses are useless, boring and do not allow students to take action. Gone are the days of old-fashioned training organizations, boring videos and ineffective theories. We had access to the training to form an opinion and here is what we retained :

  1. The key concepts that make the success of American start-ups and the entrepreneurial culture are omnipresent: “Lean start-up”, “MVP”, “OKR’s”.
  2. A rhythmic and dynamic training, led by Marine, a dynamic and smiling coach.
  3. Everything is designed for the performance of marketing actions: numerous Excel control tables and concept templates to execute your web marketing.

The training course is open to all professionals and entrepreneurs who find themselves in one of the following situations :

On adore:

  • The videos are not too long, between 10 minutes and 20 minutes it’s easy and quick to consume. Immediately after a lesson, you must put your exercises into practice and send them back to the coach, you really feel like you are making progress on your project from the 1stis day is motivating.
  • Being able to benefit from professional advice with 10 years of experience via these training rights (CPF credits, employment center, OPCO).
  • The 100% remote including at the level of the passage of the certification which lasts 20 minutes and takes place on the phone. On this occasion, the members must present a practical case on one of the 3 subjects proposed during the evaluation.

Discover our training program “Deploying a Webmarketing Strategy” with Marine:

100% Free 35H Training

Teleworking from the countryside, more and more French people are thinking about it

Working from home is one of the reasons for leaving for these 470,000 French people affected by the Great Resignation. Normalized in many companies since the Covid-19, the telework is a work organization that has the wind in its sails and which challenges the priorities of many employees. Leaving Paris is a dream for 8 out of 10 executives according to a Cadremploi study, they plan to settle in the countryside and work from home. Indeed, this mode of operation offers many advantages: gain in quality of life, calm of the countryside, better purchasing power and afford a large house at the price of a two-room apartment in Paris.

Many French people have taken the plunge, this is the case of Delphine who reports to our colleagues from France 3: ” I gained more than an hour of sleep, as much in travel time, and much more in serenity “. The periods of confinement, the generalization of teleworking and the net have been determining factors for many. It is possible to reach Paris in less than 3 hours for many cities in France. Another point is the acceleration of digital and the development of its tools, which are precious allies. It is now easy to manage your business, your website, your e-commerce business, manage your team or do your work from your country or seaside home. Provided you are well trained in digital marketing.

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