Nintendo Switch promo: 10 nuggets to discover for less than 15 euros during the holidays

Nintendo Switch promo: 10 nuggets to discover for less than 15 euros during the holidays


Game News Nintendo Switch promo: 10 nuggets to discover for less than 15 euros during the holidays

The Nintendo Switch is continually running promotions on a whole bunch of games big and small. This summer is no exception! Are you hungry for quality but also quantity? Here are ten little nuggets that you can add to your cart without inflating its price too much.

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

An all-pixel action-RPG, a successful tribute to 2D Zelda, an old-school chiptune soundtrack, well-thought-out puzzles, a rhythmic adventure… This is all that awaits you in Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King. The Castle Pixel title released in 2017 certainly does not reinvent the wheel, but it is nonetheless a pleasant and well-executed game. We find there Lily, a knight with a rose who must save her kingdom from the vile Crocus. The latter put the king to sleep, plunging his lands into terrible chaos. Suffice to say that Lily’s adventure will not be without pitfalls. But she can happily count on her sword and even a magic wand to carry out her quest.

DARQ: Complete Edition

Fan of Burton films? The atmosphere of the game that is coming is likely to seduce you! Due to its dark and atypical artistic direction, DARQ immediately recalls films like Funeral rites Where The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack. Even the synopsis looks like a Burtonian creation. You play as Lloyd, a cadaverous young man who finds himself stuck in his dreams, or rather his nightmares, and must find a way to escape. Between Limbo, Inside and Little Nightmares, the game offers a short but gripping experience that will delight lovers of darkness and special atmosphere. Note that the Complete Edition includes the base game, of course, but also the Tower DLC and the Crypt DLC.

  • Price: €9.99 until July 30 (instead of €19.99)

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

After several remakes, The Game Atelier took its courage in both hands in 2018 to offer us a new episode of its old Monster Boy license. Entitled Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, it’s a colorful and effective Metroidvania that particularly appealed to us when it was released. So much so that we gave it the nice score of 17 out of 20. Between its gameplay as varied as it is mastered, its well-thought-out puzzles and its engaging exploration phases, this Monster Boy stands out as a success. And if you are afraid of being lost, know that this 2D action-adventure game even manages to be accessible for neophytes.

To relocate

We could have told you about Overcooked 2, which is available at a low price on the Nintendo eShop this summer. We could also have mentioned Tools Up!, sold at a laughable price until the end of the month. But we preferred to talk to you about To relocateless known than the first, more successful than the second. As its name suggests, the title of Team 17 and SMG Studio puts you in the shoes of extreme movers. Wacky situations, cooperation, improbable physics and long sessions mixing laughter and shouting matches… Moving has what you need to spend memorable moments with friends during these holidays, and this for less than 10 euros on the Nintendo eShop.

The Old Man’s Journey

Want to live an exotic adventure without even going on vacation? The Old Man’s Journey may be for you. This adventure game filled with environmental puzzles offers you a unique adventure. Don’t be fooled by its simple lines and colorful art direction: Old Man’s Journey is much deeper and sadder than it seems. Because the old man that you play does not only undertake this journey for the beauty of the landscapes. If he walks the valleys like this, it is to try to reconcile with his family. This gives a touching adventure that may not leave you indifferent and insensitive.

  • Price: €7.49 until August 11 (instead of €9.99)

Say no! After

Say no! After is a deeply atypical game, and that’s what makes it so special. In addition to its cubic artistic direction, it is above all its concept that has something to make you perplexed. Immerse yourself in the shoes of an intern, your only goal is to learn to say “no”. Whether it’s your boss or your entourage, no one will reduce you to slavery because you will soon be a master of refusal. In all languages ​​and in all tones, say “no”! A funny and atypical experience that has something to bring a little freshness to your summer. Admittedly, the game is far from perfect, but its original concept is well worth the detour, especially at half price.

  • Price: €7.49 until August 1 (instead of €14.99)

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

If you know Sherlock Holmes, you can imagine what kind of game awaits you here. The seventh episode of the series of Frogwares games centered on the famous English detective indeed invites you to go and investigate. With Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, no less than six cases await you to solve. If you’ve always felt like a detective, it’s finally time to try your luck. Note that at the time, this opus offered us a new graphics engine making Sherlock’s adventures much more enjoyable. Another little information, the eighth opus, The Devil’s Daughter is also on sale and at the same price on the Nintendo eShop.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Adventure 2

There is something for everyone in this selection. That’s why, after offering to rack your brains, we’re going to test your reflexes with Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Adventure 2. This Japanese rhythm game license is simply legendary. From arcade machines to consoles and mobile phones, Taiko no Tatsujin is everywhere in Japan. It must be said that with its colorful style and its particularly rich playlists (Naruto, Mario Bros., J-pop, Mozart, country, Evangelion…), the license has it all. With Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure 2 on sale, this may be the perfect opportunity to discover this universe at a lower cost.

  • Price: €7.49 until July 30 (instead of €29.99)

The Dark Side Detective

Are you already missing the detective life? Go on, here is a second layer of surveys, this time all in pixels. Detective Francis McQueen is waiting for you to solve even more atypical cases. Indeed, our Francis is a paranormal specialist. So when an unknown evil force takes over Twin Lakes City, it’s the one the townspeople turn to. Note that the second opus of Dark Side Detective A Fumble in the Dark, is also on sale on Nintendo eShop. For less than 15 euros, you can therefore acquire both games and double the pleasure.

  • Price: €4.15 until July 28 (instead of €12.99)

This War of Mine: Complete Edition

Perhaps you have already heard of This Mine War. This independent title has become, over time, a real reference. With its efficient gameplay and its damn well done atmosphere, the game from 11 bit studios is a very good experience. But it is his purpose that allows him to reach the rank of nugget. This survival and management game offers a new perspective on armed conflicts. You do not embody a soldier or a commander, but a troop of civilians trying to survive somehow in the middle of bullets and rubble. Touching, the adventure This War of Mine is full of unbearable dilemmas that unfortunately ring true.

  • Price: €1.99 until August 20 (instead of €39.99)

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