Nikos Aliagas

Nikos Aliagas suffering from a serious illness: the doctors gave him “one week to live”!

Nikos Aliagas invades the screens. It can be seen in several shows such as “The Song of the Year”, “The Voice”, 50′ Inside. Moreover, the host will soon be on Star Academy. We see it on all fronts. He says that this vigor comes to him from his childhood. A difficult period during which he saw death up close.

Nikos Aliagas: a very active animator

Nikos Aliagas is one of those who smile at life. He is cheerful, friendly and welcoming. Of warm nature, keeps his good mood even in the worst moments. His personality seduces viewers on small screens.

By recruiting him in Star Academy, TF1 was able to dazzle the public. We can say that the chain made an excellent choice. It is sure that it will be all the rage on the show which launched Nolwenn Leroy, Jenifer, Grégory Lemarchal or Élodie Frégé.

The facilitator continues to climb the ladder. In addition to his work as a photographer, he is also a presenter in a radio show. It makes you wonder if he can still enjoy his free time.

Moreover, Nikos Aliagas confides in the subject in the lines of “Psychologies”. “I have worked all my life. It took me a long time to go on a guilt-free vacation,” he says.

A revelation about his childhood

Nikos Aliagas is without doubt one of the most energetic animators we know. He’s a real workaholic. He explains that his vitality comes to him from the episodes he experienced in his childhood.

“At home, we had no leisure, no sleeping in: by kicking our ass, we were awakened, my sister and I, and we went to work in my father’s workshop. He was a tailor, my mother worked with him, and for them, we were only passing through here: we had to be able to afford the return trip. »

The presenter adds that if he is so obsessed with work, it is thanks to his passion for his profession. However, he claims it’s also partly due to an experience he had. It turns out that Nikos Aliagas would have been close to death.

He gives details of his traumatic experience. “I was born dead: I had a serious malformation of the duodenum, I was given a week to live,” he confides.

What saved him

Despite this terrible condition, he still got away with it. He says it was a young surgeon who helped him recover. He says that notwithstanding, he still lived with the pain.

“The first two months of my life, I was not in contact with my parents, my sons were only taken away from me when I was 2 years old, and even today, at any time, anything happens to me, everything can stop. Permanently, I am in survival. So the little inconveniences of life, I don’t see them,” he confides.

Despite that, he didn’t stop enjoying things. He even realized that life is short and that he must live it to the fullest. NIkos Aliagas intends to enjoy every moment alongside his family and friends.

Moreover, the seductive animator is no longer a heart to take. He has found the one he loves for a long time. This is a beautiful blonde of Greek origin. The chosen one of his heart is called Tina Grigoriou. They had two children together.

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