Nicolas Tagliafico les a déjà séduits

Nicolas Tagliafico les a déjà séduits



Nicolas Tagliafico in the duel against El Idrissy during OL -Ajaccio (Photo by JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK / AFP)

Arriving at OL barely a month ago, Nicolas Tagliafico wasted no time. In the space of three games, the Argentine full-back has demonstrated why Ajax fans love him.

In case some doubted his strength of character, he showed his full extent on Friday against Troyes. In the space of about ten minutes straddling two periods, Nicolas tagliafico experienced the roller coaster. At first rather comfortable during the first half hour with in particular a good save following a Trojan overflow on the right side of the defense, the Argentine left side began to doubt almost alone. By missing a header back for Rémy Riou when the danger was distant, Tagliafico launched this famous period of crisis in a controlled match so dear to theLO for a few seasons.

And then, no matter how much he took his head in his hands, his late intervention cost a penalty and a Trojan equalizer, less than ten minutes before the break. As Peter may have regretted BoschNicolas Tagliafico was finally like his team with a double face. After the downward slope at the end of the first period, it was a completely different player who presented himself to the public at Parc OL. The one who seduced the Dutch coach and Bruno Cheyrou to make it the fallback left after the Tyrell folder fails Malacia. Full of desire, hard on the man and a real electric battery, the Argentinian international lived the second period at a hundred miles an hour.

Still perfectible like OL

We were talking about his strength of character in the first lines, pushing the ball in rage in the goal of Gauthier Gallon after only two minutes of play in the second period, Tagliafico erased his ball and plunged the public into intoxication. As if that were not enough, his aggressiveness made it possible to recover the ball high a few seconds later in order to lead to the goal of 3-1 from Tetê. The penalty conceded was only a distant memory. “When you change clubs, there are new things, new colleagues… so I work giving the maximum for the group. (On his goal) I’m very happy, but obviously happier with the victory of the team, he savored. We must continue to work, to grow and to progress.”

Arrived barely a month ago, the former Ajax has already adapted to his new environment even if he considers “not yet being 100% physically”. Her relationship with Karl Ekambi storelittle to his advantage since the start of the season, is still to be perfected and he is the first to concede it, considering that in “changing club, there are new things, new colleagues… so I work giving the maximum for the group.” And that is what won over his new teammates and the Lyon public. If some could have doubts about the recruitment of the winner of the Copa America 2021, tagliaficostill in full development, needed only three games to show what he was recruited for. “At Ajax, Tagliafico was adored by the fans because he’s a coward, who doesn’t hesitate to get in touch, described to us Tom Roefekamp, Dutch journalist for Voetbalzone. And they “hated” him at the same time because this “grinta” is sometimes uncontrolled which earned him a lot of yellows (38 in 4 years).

A character player

Arrived on tiptoe in Lyon, in particular because of the language barrier, the side quickly found the right cursor to speak the universal language that is football. He is said to be more defensive than Malo Enthusiasm ? His goal like a fox from the surfaces and his twenty balls touched in the opposing 30 meters proved that he was not embarrassed with his feet. Perhaps a bit too fiery for the French championship, like the penalty conceded, the native of Rafael Calzada will certainly have to make progress in this area so as not to find himself suspended every three games. But this famous grinta sold by the followers of Ajax was not a lie.

The cry of joy tagliafico and alexander Lacazette on the Argentinian’s goal is fraught with meaning. With the ArgentinianLO has found a character player and it is not to displease. When the Lyon club lacked it last season, summer recruitment seems to have been partly targeted on this point. He has only been there for a month but Nicolas Tagliafico has already found his place. It is up to him to confirm the improvement over time.

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