News, bonuses and promotions for the week of August 11 – Rockstar News

News, bonuses and promotions for the week of August 11 – Rockstar News

The Declasse Draugur is available in GTA Online with races in Cayo Perico and bonuses for the traffic of goods

Bonuses and promotions for the week of August 11 to 17, 2022

This week on GTA Online marks the arrival of a brand new vehicle from The Criminal Enterprises DLC, The Declasse Draugur, but also the availability of a dozen races on the tropical island of Cayo Perico, as well as a hunt for treasure with a metal detector. In addition, a new week of events is available with bonuses in new races and in the special goods business. On the promo side, a nice slew of cars are on sale, and as usual, two vehicles are up for grabs on the podiums of the casino and the LS auto show.

New of the week in GTA Online

The all-new Declasse Draugur off-roader is available in GTA Online with new races on the island of Cayo Perico as well as a treasure hunt.

New races in Cayo Perico

El Rubio needs money from being robbed every day, he now organizes races on his private island of Cayo Perico to bail out a little. Ten new races are available in GTA Online from the tab activities from the break menu on the tropical island of Cayo Perico.

New treasure hunt event

A brand new event is available in GTA Online to find hidden treasure, it appears as a randomly appearing event on the map. It is a skeleton that can appear in 10 different places along the beaches of Los Santos, it has a treasure map and a metal detector on it. You will have to go to Cayo Perico afterwards to find the two daily chests on the island during a mission to locate the Cayo Perico robbery. A treasure chest contains between 1,000 GTA$ and 15,000 GTA$.


swinger ocelot

Like every week, a new car is up for grabs for free at the LS auto show by completing a challenge, for the next few days, it’s the Ocelot Swinger that is up for grabs by completing this challenge below. Then don’t forget to claim the vehicle in the interaction menu when you are in the LS auto show when you have completed the objective.

Finish in the top 1 of a Pursuit Trials race for 3 days in a row


Ubermacht Cipher

This week on GTA Online, try to win the Ubermacht Cypher on the Diamond Casino podium, it’s a sports car priced at GTA$1,550,000, or GTA$1,162,500 if you have the special prize .

You can only spin the Wheel of Fortune once a day and you’ll have a 1 in 20 chance of winning it every draw.


Double earnings in races in Cayo Perico

If you don’t vacation in the tropics, spend it on Cayo Perico, all-new races on this island are paying out double GTA$ and RP for everyone who reaches the starting line this week in GTA Online.

To participate :
Pause Menu → Online → Quick Join / Activities → Play Activity → Created by Rockstar → Races

Supply Bonuses for the Goods Warehouse

During the next 7 days, your employee in one of your special goods warehouses will be twice as fast to find a good for your warehouse, you have to go see him to ask him to look for one. merchandise in exchange for finance.

Bonus money

Start and complete a mission from your CEO office to find special merchandise for your Cargo Warehouse by next Thursday in GTA Online, to receive a bonus GTA$150,000 within 72 hours of completing the mission.

Additionally, complete any Arms Trafficking, Nightclub Warehouse, Biker Warehouse, or Special Cargo Warehouse Sale missions to receive a pair of White Beat Off Headphones.

Unlockable Cayo Perico Keinemusik T-shirt

Log into GTA Online before next Thursday to receive the Cayo Perico Keinemusik T-Shirt for free in your wardrobe.

Vehicles available at dealerships

The Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Luxury Autos car dealerships renew their stocks of cars every week, here are the ones on display, as for the Simeon dealership, it is possible to test your future new gamer.

  • Luxury car:
    • Pegassi Bullfighter XO
    • Autarch of Abundance
  • Premium Luxury Motorsport:
    • Anise Remus
    • Benefactor Stirling GT
    • Declasse Tornado Convertible
    • Enus connoisseurs
    • Vulcar Nebula Turbo

Vehicles to test at the Car Meet

In addition, each week it is possible to test different cars on the test track of the Los Santos auto show, here are the ones at the moment:

  • Enus Super Diamond
  • Enus Windsor Drop
  • Pigalle Lamps
  • Karine S95 (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only)

Against the watch

Here are the time trials of the week, the classic and RC time trials offer GTA$100,000 if you beat the time target, and GTA$250,000 for Hao’s Special Works.

  • Against the watch : Grove Street (01:20.00)
  • RC Time Trial: Seoul small park (01:10.00)
  • HSW Time Trial: textile city (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only)


charred grotti

charred grotti


195,000 GTA$
78,000 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Pfister 811

Pfister 811


1,135,000 GTA$
567,500 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Enus Super Diamond


250,000 GTA$
125,000 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Defiler Shitzu


412,000 GTA$- 309,000 GTA$
206,000 GTA$- 154,500 GTA$

Southern San Andreas Super Autos

Service vehicle


1,100,000 GTA$
666,000 GTA$

Warstock cache and transport

Tasteless Imperator
arena vehicle


2,284,940 GTA$- 1,718,000 GTA$
1,370,964 GTA$- 1,030,800 GTA$

arena war

Tasteless FMJ

Tasteless FMJ


1,750,000 GTA$
1,050,000 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Enus Windsor Drop


900,000 GTA$
540,000 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Enus connoisseurs


254,000 GTA$
152,400 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Ocelot Penetrator

Ocelot Penetrator


880,000 GTA$
616,000 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Progen T20

Progen T20


2,200,000 GTA$
1,540,000 GTA$

Legendary Motorsport

Progen Italia GTB

Progen Italia GTB


1,189,000 GTA$
832.300 GTA$

Benny’s original engine works

Purchase of special goods


CEO office computer



Maze Bank Foreclosures

Goods warehouse


CEO office computer

In addition, bathrobes, pajamas and indoor jackets are on sale at -50% in clothing stores. As for ammunition, they are reduced to -30%.


Here are the benefits reserved for Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) members, you must have an active subscription to the service and have it linked with your Rockstar Games Social Club account (links here). If you have just joined the program, it may take up to 10 days to receive the full bonuses below in GTA Online.

125,000 GTA$ offered

Prime Gaming members, log into GTA Online this week to receive GTA$125,000. The money will be paid to you within 72 hours of your login.

Source: Rockstar Games

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