new Google Ads, 3D shopping, YouTube Shorts ads…

new Google Ads, 3D shopping, YouTube Shorts ads…

On the occasion of its Google Marketing Live conference, the American firm unveils many new features for advertisers.

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Merchants will soon be able to present their products in 3D directly on Google. ©Google

Google Marketing Live, formerly known as Google Marketing Livestream, is Google’s annual go-to event for advertising experts. This 2022 edition takes place in San Francisco this Tuesday, May 24 and can also be followed livestream. This is the opportunity for Google to present its latest Ads and Commerce novelties. Check out the major announcements below for Performance Max campaigns on Google Ads, for Shopping on Google Search, and for Ads on YouTube Shorts.

1. Improvements for Performance Max campaigns

Unsurprisingly, Google continues to put Performance Max campaigns in the spotlight, available since November 2021. The firm is unveiling several new features to offer marketers better results through automation and insights.

Here are the 6 new features that will soon be deployed to improve Performance Max campaigns on Google Ads:

  1. New tools for experimentation: like A/B testing to see how Performance Max drives incremental conversions.
  2. More sustained support: for managing campaigns in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app.
  3. Better support for “store sales goals”: these are the store’s sales targets, in addition to store visits and local actions.
  4. “Highlight campaigns”: the goal is to maximize the impact of a campaign during a given period and to achieve in-store goals during seasonal events.
  5. New Insights: this includes consumer, audience, and bid insights to learn what impacts campaign performance the most.
  6. Optimization scores and recommendations: these scores allow you to know how to improve your current campaign.

In addition, over the next few months, 3 new reports will appear on Page Insights: an attribution report (ads interactions on different Google platforms), a budget report (identification of new optimization opportunities budgets), and another on audience for first-party data (campaign performance based on your customer segments).

Here is the new Attribution Insights report. ©Google

2. Shopping experiences in 3D and augmented reality

It will soon be possible to display 3D models of its products on Google Search thanks to augmented reality (AR). As you can see below, a user can, for example, virtually place an armchair in his living room to better project himself. This new 3D shopping experience will initially be available only in the United States.

A new shopping experience to view products. ©Google

3. Ads are coming to YouTube Shorts

Here’s a key number to highlight: there are now 30 billion average daily views on YouTube Shorts. To help advertisers gain exposure, action video campaigns and app campaigns are starting to roll out gradually on YouTube Shorts. Google also specifies: “Later this year, campaign-related product feeds will also begin showing on YouTube Shorts.”

Ads will appear on YouTube Shorts with a CTA. ©Google

To learn more, visit the official Google blog post.

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