“Never withdraw a complaint”

“Never withdraw a complaint”


Actress Judith Chemla, who revealed this week on social networks photos of her with stigmata of domestic violence, called on Wednesday July 6 the women who are victims to maintain their complaint. “Don’t be afraid: never, ever, ever withdraw a complaint you file. Never remove it. You will be intimidated. I was intimidated, I was made to feel guilty”launched on France Inter the actress, starring in the film Tastes and colors.

She recounts in particular the pressure exerted by her former companion, convicted of domestic violence, on their 5-year-old daughter: “My daughter asks me ‘why did you go to court? Why are you deciding on dad’s life? I speak today because (…) I will fight against [ce qu’elle m’a dit ensuite] : “Me, one day, if someone hurts me, I will not ask justice to protect me”. (…) [Il faut] that he understands that if he doesn’t change, his daughter will be a consenting battered wife. »

swollen eye

On Monday, she posted on Instagram three photos of her face with a swollen eye and an open cheekbone, taken in July 2021 after an attack by her then companion. An attack which had pushed her to file a complaint for the first time, leading to police custody, then an indictment and a judicial review of the thirty-something, father of her daughter. “After four months of intense harassment”a second complaint resulted in ” fifteen days ” pre-trial detention, she said, and an eight-month suspended prison sentence was handed down on 12 May.

But, according to her, the harassment continues. ” I can not stand it anymore. I demand to have peace”she wrote on Instagram on Monday, wondering if she should file a complaint again. “Despite threats, despite this sentence, he continues to think that he is a victim (…). He feels above the law.”more “He should be ashamed and keep quiet”lamented Judith Chemla on France Inter.

Right of way

The case is, for her, symptomatic of the refusal of violent men to admit their guilt. “Some women no longer have the courage to fight, and I have moving testimonies that tell me: thanks to you, I am taking up the fight again”reported the actress.

It is also symptomatic of the difficulty of getting out of the grip exerted by a companion. “I loved him, for a year I protected him, despite that”, she tells France Inter. When the police arrive after his July 2021 assault, “they tell me, you have to file a complaint, because afterwards it’s feminicide (…). And me, I’m flabbergasted, I couldn’t tell myself that I was going to file a complaint against my daughter’s father. I did not have the inner click” immediately. She will end up filing a complaint the next day.

Other actresses before her had denounced the violence suffered in their relationship, such as Sandrine Bonnaire, who emerged unconscious with fractured facial bones, after an argument with a former companion twenty years ago.

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