Netflix: the programs not to be missed in July 2022

Netflix: the programs not to be missed in July 2022



Two rooms, two atmospheres for our duo of curiosities of the month on Netflix. On the one hand, an adapted series of resident Evil hopefully finally successful. The other, The Sea Monsteran animated film thought up by a defector from Disney.



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The event of July on Netflix is ​​obviously the conclusion of seasons 4 and 6 of stranger things and You better call Saulwhich we had already talked about during the releases of the first parts of these seasons (cut in half). As fans of video game adventures, we therefore rather focused our gaze on resident Evilumpteenth adaptation of the famous saga, which we just hope will surprise us. Among the other curiosities of the month, much is expected of the sea ​​monsteranimated film carried by a former member of Disney, and The gray manmuscular thriller with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas.

Also of note, an adaptation of Persuasion by Jane Austen, an intriguing documentary on the mysterious DB Cooper, as well as the latest episodes from The Walking Dead and vikingstwo series not produced by Netflix. As for catalog films, we will be happy to see Collateraltense thriller by Michael Mann, the diptych Creed by Ryan Coogler or even the funny Yesterdaywho imagines a world without the Beatles.

The Sea Monster on Netflix

The sea monster


Event of the month: resident Evilthe 14th of July

The adaptation of one of the greatest video game sagas by one of the leaders of modern entertainment is necessarily an event in our eyes. Too bad if the previous ports were generally heartbreaking. A great classic of living room consoles, resident Evil never got a film version worthy of the original. Strangely, and this is perhaps one of the reasons for this persistent failure, almost none of these adaptations have attempted to simply recount the events of the game. This new transposition, this time as a Netflix series, seems (alas? ) respect this tradition. Forget the “resident” of the title, a point of restricted space where we fight against a horde of zombies, but a futuristic apocalypse where savior heroines and giant insects meet — well, there are also some zombies. Why not, you will tell us, and you may be right. But then why not create a new in-house franchise rather than continuing to use the name resident Evilwho would have deserved a little rest.

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We are curious: The Sea MonsterJuly 8

Always in search of flashy names to perfect its artistic legitimacy, Netflix had a hollow nose when it sought out the talented Chris Williams for its new animated film. Known for having directed and co-directed for Disney the excellent Big Hero 6 and Moana (in addition to having worked on the screenplays of Kuzco and Lock), Williams exported his very recognizable style for this sea ​​monster which absolutely would not have made a spot in Uncle Walt’s catalog. In the great tradition of improbable duos dear to children’s animation, we follow here the adventures of a seasoned sea creature hunter and a young girl in search of great epics, embarked clandestinely on her ship. Tempting beginnings for a film which promises to be graphically very successful, hoping that the scenario will follow.

We will be happy to see: CollateralJuly 1

Follower of tense films opposing tough cops and cold and calculating thugs, Michael Mann has this time evacuated the police dimension to offer Tom Cruise one of his best roles: that of a cold, calculating and particularly tough thug. … Collateral tells the story of Max, a taxi driver played by Jamie Foxx, who finds himself by chance on the road of Vincent, a hitman in search of a driver for the night, over the murders of his various targets. From this fairly simple pitch stems a film mastered from start to finish, a masterclass of electric nervousness between two characters that everything opposes. Michael Mann’s staging takes shape with Los Angeles, and the brevity of the story, which takes place in a few hours, makes it just as impressive as it is oppressive.

And besides that ?

But also

  • Yesterdaycomedy in a world where the Beatles don’t exist – June 13
  • DB Cooper: where is the hijacker?documentary series – June 13
  • PersuasionJane Austen adaptation – July 15

To go further, find out everything you need to know about the Netflix SVoD service.

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