Neltharus: Dragonflight Keep - World of Warcraft

Neltharus: Dragonflight Keep – World of Warcraft


Neltharus is a 5-player dungeon located in the Dragon Isles, the mainland of Dragonflight. Located in the Shores of Awakening area, Neltharus is made up of 4 bosses and is the bastion of the black dragonflight. Your objective is to take it back and face many enemies whose main element will be fire. Find our Neltharus guide below!

When you arrive in Neltharus, you quickly come across a crossroads with, in front of you, a dragon’s head spitting lava. On the right are the bosses Chargath and Gorek, while Magmatus is located on the left. Once the three enemies are eliminated, you can go straight, go down on the platform and face Lady of War Sargha who is waiting for you at the end of the corridor.

the waste is not uninteresting and relies a lot on fire spells, especially with area of ​​effect spells. We will especially point the finger at the mobs that can send a spear at a player, who finds himself blocked for 12 seconds ! To get out of it, you have to rely on the help of the other members of the group who must DPS the spear, which allows you to participate in the fight again.

1. Chargath, Scalesbane

Chargath is a dragon slayer equipped with a big, big sword. He is a melee fighter and most of his abilities are tied to this status.

  • Dragon Strike: A direct attack with a bonus DoT.
  • Magma Wave: An AoE that travels in a straight line around the room and damages players inside.
  • Immobilizing Spear: An attack that targets a random player. It throws a spear at the target which inflicts direct damage and deposits a zone of magma on the ground which inflicts damage on the characters who are there.
    • In addition, a chain connects the character to the spear. This chain slows the player’s movement speed and applies a debuff to all players in the party who touch the chain.
    • This implies that the players must be careful not to step on a chain and that the victims do not move haphazardly.
    • If I understood the principle correctly, to remove the chain, you have to place the Chargath between the path of the chain (so between the player and the spear). This will break the chain.
    • Note that you can continue to heal or deal damage if you fall victim to the chain. You can therefore finish the fight even with three chained players, if that is not too penalizing.
  • Blade Clash: When the boss reaches its maximum energy, it targets the tank and deals LOTS of damage for 25 seconds. It hits the tank but also throws magma everywhere around it, which means you have to move to avoid damage. This is especially valid for melee DPS.

The fight is not difficult in itself. The Immobilizing Spear is disturbing at first because you don’t know how to break it. Watch out for Blade Clash, which can still do quite a bit of damage.


The Immobilizing Spear, which you can break thanks to the boss itself

2. Forgemaster Gorek

Gorek is quite an original monster. He’s a blacksmith who won’t hesitate to keep working even when you attack him. I advise you to kill the trash in the room because you will have to move a lot during the fight. However, it would be a shame to be bothered by monsters that you could easily eliminate before pulling the boss.

Let’s take a look at his abilities:

  • Power of the forge: Periodically, Gorek will come back to his anvil and hit it with his hammer. This will deal damage to all party members, no exceptions.
    • After a few seconds, the boss forged his Volcanic Axe. He takes it and throws it at a player who then takes a lot of damage and a DoT.
    • In addition to the DoT, eruptions are going to take place all over the room. They spawn under players, so you need to dash around to avoid damage.
  • Searing Strikes: Usually this attack is for the tank. The boss inflicts two big strikes and knocks the player back. Then it jumps on the target and deals quite a bit of area damage. The other players must then move away from the point of impact or risk taking damage.
  • Forge Storm: An AoE that deals damage to players standing at the point of impact. Avoid it and you’ll be fine.

The combat is mainly linked to the Power of the Forge ability which can quickly reduce the hit points of some players. Trainers should be aware of the group at this time. The rest of the time, make sure the tank isn’t too damaged by Searing Strikes. The rest of the party should be able to avoid the Forge Storm.

So there, don’t stay on the red auras 😀

3. Magmatusk

Magmatusk is a big mammoth who asks nothing of anyone until High-Thaumaturge Fural comes to annoy him. Suddenly, he gets angry and decides to shoot everything in front of him. And inevitably, it is you who are in his way.

The fight starts with a big explosion that knocks everyone back. No need to panic, come back to the boss and start managing his skills:

  • Lava Spray: A cone-shaped AoE. The spell’s range is very long, so be alert and move quickly as the cast is relatively fast.
  • Fiery Charge : The boss charges in a direction and releases a wave of fire as it passes. It is necessary to avoid being on the way of the boss under penalty of taking damage. It can hurt a lot.
  • Magma Throw: Periodically, Magmatusk sends molten rocks into the room. Players near the point of impact take fire damage. Easy to avoid. Be careful that the rock leaves molten magma on the ground, which prevents you from returning to this place. Mages who have just cast a Rune of Power will therefore not be able to benefit from it.
  • Unstable Mutation : When his energy bar reaches 100%, Magmatusk gets angry and deals fire damage to everyone. You are entitled to the combo that goes well, with direct damage and a DoT whose duration depends on the number of tentacles that come out of the body of the boss (5 sec per tentacle).

4. Sargha War Lady

It is the last boss of the Neltharus dungeon. It’s not the most difficult to tackle, but it offers game mechanics that are better to know to avoid an unexpected wipe.

  • Magma Shield: The boss surrounds himself with a shield which has two distinct effects.
    • The shield projects flames that damage players.
    • A debuff increases flame damage every 4 seconds. Cumulative (otherwise it’s not funny).
    • To remove the shield/debuff, search the room for stacks of gold you can click on. You can then throw an Anti-Magic Bomb which deals a lot of damage and removes the boss’s shield.
  • Dragon’s Oven: A classic cone-shaped attack that deals fire damage in front of the boss. The range is quite long, don’t think you’re safe if you’re a ranged DPS.
  • burning ember : Sargha fires a projectile that hits the ground at the target location and deals damage to nearby players. The ground at destination ignites, it is necessary to avoid stepping on it under penalty of taking damage.
    • In the center of the AoE appears an add named Raging Ember. It chooses a player and attacks them until the add is downed.
  • molten gold: Sargha chooses a player and sends them a DoT that lasts 15 seconds. The DoT deals damage and, upon completion, slows the target by 30%. The effect can stack up to 4 times.
    • To remove the debuff, you must take fire damage.

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