Natalie Portman fully assumes her entry into quarantine

Natalie Portman fully assumes her entry into quarantine


Natalie Portman serenely apprehends aging. Proud of her physical uniqueness, the actress who gave a long interview to the British edition of the magazine She says he no longer wants to “hide behind makeup”.

In the spotlight from the age of 12, since her interpretation of Mathilda Lando in the film LeonNatalie Portman was confronted at a very young age with public opinion about her physique. “It certainly toughened me up, but above all it taught me not to measure my value by the opinion of others,” says the actress, now 41, in a new interview with the British edition. from the magazine She. “Of course it gives you some confidence because you have success and attention, but it also gives you real fear and awareness of what people think of you. And that includes the bad things that can make you really anxious.”

If makeup allowed her to blend in with the crowd when she was younger, today, the Oscar-winning actress relies more on her differences to get noticed. “[L’industrie de] beauty has been so much about making people feel like something was wrong with them and needed to be fixed, instead of saying you have so many amazing things inside of you that you can bring out, that you can express,” regrets the Dior muse, admitting that things are starting to change in our current era. “Growing up, I felt like I had to cover up my spots or hide the flaws in my skin. I used cosmetics to camouflage and correct myself. Now I feel like it’s more about expressing myself and showcasing my personality and emphasizing that, letting others know who I am,” she says.

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An optimistic view of aging

A philosophy that she applies while ignoring the dominant youthism in the film industry. “In my opinion, it is a privilege to grow old. I love it, ”says the interpreter of Jane in the last Marvel, Thor: Love and Thunder. “There is a generation of actresses who refuse to leave the screen and you see them thriving, doing their most interesting work at 50, 60, 70. We really see incredible, beautiful and interesting representations of all different types of women right now.” Among those whom she admires and whom she often cites as inspiration to her team to achieve her hairstyles and makeup, she mentions in particular Claudia Cardinale, Susan Sarandon or Julia Roberts.

The best beauty advice she’s ever received, she got it from a man, fashion designer Alber Elbaz. “He was constantly telling me, ‘You’re small and it’s very beautiful. Don’t wear heels,” or “that’s what makes you special, celebrate it, wear flats, be yourself. That’s what’s beautiful,” she recalls. A life lesson that she decided to apply both in terms of fashion and beauty. “I think it’s the same thing. What makes you different, makes you beautiful. The beauty to which we aspire should not be anything other than who we are,” she concludes. And this, regardless of age.

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