Nando De Colo à l'ASVEL pour les deux prochaines saisons !

Nando De Colo à l’ASVEL pour les deux prochaines saisons !

Photo credit: Sébastien Grasset

Rear of Fenerbahce Istanbul for the past two seasons, Nando De Colo is back in France. The Northerner has signed up with ASVEL until June 2024. He had not played in France since 2009, with Cholet Basket.

Now triple champion of France in title, ASVEL has started its XXL recruitment. Fullback of Fenerbahçe Istanbul for the past two seasons, Nando De Colo (1.96 m, 35 years old) has signed up until June 2024 with the Rhodaniens. He should be followed by Yakuba Ouattara, currently in Montenegro with the France team.

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“We are entering a new era” tweeted Tony Parkerthe president of ASVEL. Before adding: “In 2013, we won together the 1st title of European champions in the history of the French team. In 2023, I hope we can win the first EuroLeague title in history with ASVEL. »

One of the finest records of French basketball

A French international with 185 caps, the native of Sainte-Catherine (Pas-de-Calais) is back in France after starting out at Cholet Basket between 2006 and 2009. This is perhaps one of the most successful French basketball players. that ASVEL has just drawn into its nets. Double winner of the EuroLeague in 2016 and 2019 with CSKA Moscow, he was also voted best player of the 2015-2016 season and MVP of the Final Four the same year. Tough, very tough. His national team record is just as impressive since he was crowned European champion in 2013, in addition to having won silver in 2011 and bronze in 2015. On the world stage, he also won bronze in the 2019 World Cup before being crowned Olympic vice-champion last summer in Tokyo.

“A future major partner of the club” announced on Monday

Faced with increasingly strong competition in the French championship with AS Monaco, whose budget should be around 20 million euros according to L’Équipe, ASVEL also seems to be changing gear. It is also the symbol of ASVEL’s ability to react, after the failure of the Victor Wembanyama project announced at the Metropolitans 92 for the next two seasons and the departure of Elie Okobo to the Principality. This arrival would probably not have been possible without “the club’s future major partner” – mentioned in the press release – who will be presented to the media on Monday. ASVEL will still have great assets to put forward to defend its crown…


June 30, 2022 at 9:05 am

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