Nadjet Meskine, disabled influencer, harassed and insulted by her neighbors since her arrival in Béziers

Nadjet Meskine, disabled influencer, harassed and insulted by her neighbors since her arrival in Béziers

Based in Béziers for four months, the Toulouse model and influencer, who has participated in several shows with host Cyril Hanouna, is experiencing a form of hostility.

In Béziers, some residents of rue Théophile-Gautier replied: “Everything is fine in the Le Botanique residence.” But that’s not really what the videos made by Nadjet Meskine, handicapped from birth, model, influencer on social networks, show. We hear insults of all kinds, threats against him. Nothing that really makes you want to share friendly moments with your neighbours…

Nadjet Meskine arrived in Béziers four months ago. She gets around in a wheelchair and seeing the atmosphere in her public housing building, she has only one desire: to leave Béziers as soon as possible. And when she receives you at her home, as soon as you walk through the door, her first instinct is to lock it. “It calms me down.”

A complaint

“It was a choice to come here, explains the young woman full of life on the networks, but who seems totally extinguished in her apartment. I thought I was fine here, and I really don’t. I don’t feel comfortable in this building, especially since the neighbors complain and the OPH mediators don’t listen to me, because there are more of them than me.”

Nadjet filed a complaint because she was physically threatened, but she said she was harassed.

“Me, I shit since I was born. I try to get out of it. I try by all means to make life more beautiful for those who follow me by making fun of our handicap, because it’s the only way I have found to live with. There, it is no longer bearable. I am already locked up in my body and finally, I am asked to lock myself up in this apartment too and not to live anymore. is not possible.”

Among the reproaches made to the young woman, the noise of the music she listens to, the visits she receives and finally, the pompom, the noise of her armchair (brand new, the wheels do not squeak, Ed).

Spotted via social media

“I was well educated. I don’t make noise, that’s not true. As for visits, they are very rare and never late. I get tired quickly and go to bed very early. Well here, I was told that they were going to teach me to live in a community. It’s terrible to hear all that.”

Nadjet was born disabled, but independent. She was spotted by host Cyril Hanouna thanks to her videos on Instagram and TikTok. He invited her to his show following her participation in Miss World in Poland. Since then, she has participated in many television programs to talk about her disability, the unsuitability of cities for people with disabilities.

“I talk about all these subjects with a lot of humor, that’s what people like and that’s why I’m invited and sometimes a columnist on these subjects. It’s very good, because finally we give the floor to the disabled on prime time broadcasts. We’re no longer hidden from view. If I’m doing all this, it’s for the sole purpose of making life easier for us. Not like in this building where everything becomes unlivable. I didn’t know not that the OPH had installed me in an Ehpad.”

A contest and a book to come

Nadjet has just finished a book where she talks about herself. Where she discusses her life as a disabled person, her relationships, good and bad, with others. She is looking for a publisher who could publish her work. But that’s not all, she has made good progress on her project for the Miss handicap competition that she intended to finalize in Béziers. She registered the brand, worked with the organizers of Miss France to properly frame the competition.

He still has to find a godfather or a godmother to give a little notoriety to the event, and why not launch it from Béziers. If she stays there. “I only want one thing, that we don’t ruin more than two years of work for the cause of the disabled here.”

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