MultiVersus: Unbeatable on the Smash Like which is a hit?  Prove it with our Quiz!

MultiVersus: Unbeatable on the Smash Like which is a hit? Prove it with our Quiz!

Game News MultiVersus: Unbeatable on the Smash Like which is a hit? Prove it with our Quiz!

You couldn’t miss the phenomenon of the last few days: the crazy Smash Like MultiVersus. While the beta has recently opened to everyone, it’s the perfect time to test your knowledge of this new challenger.


  • MultiVersus, the killer of Smash?
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In the world of fighting games, there are two diametrically opposed camps. First, there are Street Fighter-style games, which have dominated the versus fighting market for years. It must be said that there is a plethora of games of the genre among which we find a good handful of cult licenses. We of course have Street Fighter, but also Tekken, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, Soul Calibur, Dragon Ball Fighterz and many others. Whether on an arcade machine or on a console, to have fun without pressure or to represent your country at EVO, these games offer moments rich in emotions and have given birth to great champions. From Kayane to Luffy, via Wawa, France has nothing to be ashamed of in this kind of competition. And since we are talking about esports, let’s not forget Glutonny who valiantly made our colors shine over the months and tournaments.

Glutonny is not a Street Fighter or Soul Calibur player. The French officiates on a completely different style of fighting game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the youngest of a major franchise. With its platform fighting game license, Nintendo hit hard, imposing another genre of fighting games: the Smash-Like. And unlike Street et al, there are few of them in this category. Super Smash Bros reigns supreme over the latter. Despite some competitors (Brawhalla, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, etc.), Nintendo’s license has never really shaken. But a new game could well change the situation: MultiVersus.

MultiVersus: Unbeatable on the Smash Like which is a hit?  Prove it with our Quiz!

MultiVersus, the killer of Smash?

It is in November 2021 that MultiVersus is unveiled. With its impressive license panel and familiar gameplay, the game immediately intrigues the gaming world. It must be said that the proposal is attractive and that the idea that Super Smash Bros. finally finds a major competitor that delights more than one. The only point that really seems to worry the players upstream: the economic model. Because if MultiVersus is announced free-to-play, it will be necessary to heat the card to unlock content faster, in particular fighters. So, if you want to have access to the full roster from the start, you will have to spend a little less than 70 euros. And to get all the items (skins, provocations…), count no less than 250 euros. Also, if you wanted to take part in the open beta of the game a little before everyone else, you had to check out and acquire one of the three MultiVersus founder packs.

A constraint which nevertheless did not slow down the players who rushed en masse to the game. Despite this restricted access, Steam saw a peak of 62,433 concurrent players. This is much more than the 44,303 players of Dragon Ball FighterZ or 35,147 players of Mortal Kombat 11. While the beta is already breaking records, the enthusiasm around the game is at its peak. Those who have tried it are full of praise for it, and the others, eager to wait for the final release in free-to-play, hope for a date soon. Whether it’s to perfect your knowledge or keep you waiting until then, we’re offering you today a Quiz on MultiVersus. Note that this Quiz concerns both the game and the licenses that compose it.

Find our quiz here

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