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MotoGP, VIDEO Marc Marquez fait le point : “c’est dur mentalement, je ne peux pas faire une autre opération, je serai en Autriche car Honda est dans un moment critique”

Marc Marquez and Repsol Honda continue to play transparency in this recovery from a fourth operation on the right arm which will have been, whatever happens, that of the last chance for his humerus. The eight-time World Champion, who showers his social network with his increasingly advanced training sessions, confirms that, physically, he is recovering well. But he also says that mentally he has his air pockets while he does not deny the extent of Honda’s current difficulties. That’s why he will be in the box of the official team in Austria, from August 19 to 21, as a consultant.

Mark Marquez is gradually recovering its form and it is an essential step before hoping to regain its level of MotoGP rider. And it’s not as easy as the refreshing images he distills onto the canvas seem to show. In a communication under seal Repsolhe shows himself sincere about his doubts which, on certain days, assail and undermine him: It’s a fight, I haven’t fought for two days or two months, it’s been two years he recalls with a certain solemnity. ” I won a few races last year but struggled a lot. In Jerez, I realized that something had to change. It’s been hard and it’s hard now mentally, not because I don’t run, but because you still have that doubt on your arm. I can’t do another operation. I’m sure this time it’ll be fine, but those thoughts are still there in your mind “.

On his current condition, he says: I feel better and the bone is healing positively and that’s the best news of all. We are still in rehabilitation mode, I am working very hard on the cardio side to try to be ready “.

Mark Marquez: I will go to Austria, to talk to everyone and meet the HRC staff from Japan to work for the future

He also mentions this medical milestone at the end of the month which will say a lot about what happened next: “ at the end of August, I have another medical examination, from there we can take the next step with rehabilitation and really start pushing and building muscle. Some days are better than others, but it’s all part of the journey. I’m optimistic, but I don’t want to say too much about the timing until we have that control: now is not the time to push too hard. I’ve waited a long time for these feelings “.

Mark Marquez don’t just talk about him. He is also concerned about the position of Hondawho is also ill: Honda is at a critical moment. I talk a lot with my team and try to understand the 2022 bike, the situation and what is happening says the older brother of an Alex who will be a pilot Ducati in 2023. “That’s why I will go to Austria, to talk to everyone and meet the HRC staff from Japan to work for the future. Let’s all work together, win together, lose together and come back together “.

I also talk a lot with Stefan Bradl, we and my chief mechanic Santi work together and test things, we both know how I drive. I told Mugello I would be at home, but I want to stay connected. With the previous operation I disconnected too much and I want to be involved so that when I return I have everything ready Term Mark Marquez.

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

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