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MotoGP Silverstone : les chiffres disent ce que devrait coûter à Fabio Quartararo sa pénalité en course


This will be the event to follow in this British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and all the more so as it will concern the championship leader Fabio Quartararo. This will be the moment when, at the start of the race, the Yamaha official will have to serve his so-called long lap sentence for the events that occurred during the Dutch Grand Prix and for which he was held responsible. A sanction that was not appreciated, neither by the driver nor by his boss Lin Jarvis, to say the least. But it will still have to go through it. What will be the amount of the invoice in the classification? Numbers give an estimate.

The facts oftrees go back five weeks, but a summer break went through it before having to do his punishment at Silverstonethis week-end. Because the commissioners felt that Fabio Quartaro had been far too optimistic in his overtaking maneuver on Aleix Espargarowhich ended in the gravel trap for the two men, the Frenchman will have to go through a long lap during the British Grand Prix. This while the Batavian getaway ended in two crashes and a white result for the pilot Yamaha while the official Apriliaand first rival in the French championship, made a dazzling rise to fourth place.

That being said, what about the English quote? It is precisely from the site across the Channel that this interesting expertise comes, namely crash.net. The essential Peter McLaren launches into the calculations and here is the result: Fabio Quartaro qualified fourth on average out of the eleven rounds so far this season, finishing the first lap of the race in the same position. Drivers starting a race with a “long lap” to serve must clear the penalty within three laps, i.e. at the end of turn 4. The Frenchman’s average position in round 4 of races this season has also been fourth. Other MotoGP riders who have taken the same type of sanction this year, Jack Miller and Franco Morbidellilost 3-4 places coming back to the track.

Fabio Quartararo will find himself in the peloton with a Yamaha who hates it

This would therefore theoretically put the Frenchman 7th or 8th in the event. That being said, from Portimao, Quarterly qualified on average third and took second place in lap 4. We would see him in this scenario around the 5th or 6th position after the “long lap”. Said like that, there is nothing prohibitive, but Fabio Quartaro ride on a Yamaha who can’t bear to live in a squad with the scavenger battles that take place there. Because the M1 does not have the engine it takes to extricate itself from this fray. Then the front tire increases in pressure and heats up…

In fact, riding in a pack is the worst thing your child can experience. Yamaha. Each time the World Champion shone this year, it was because he had managed to take to their heels and impose his rhythm, on a dry track of course. This penalty to be served is therefore not insignificant and it will be interesting to see how the defending champion will tackle this obstacle, which is hard on the nerves.

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