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MotoGP Silverstone J1, Aleix Espargaró (Aprilia/5) change de ton : “ce long lap est un canular, Quartararo n’y perd que quelques dixièmes”

Now that we have entered the heart of the matter of this British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Aleix Espargaró, who is fighting for the title against Fabio Quartararo, is looking at the facts from the track and no longer from a press conference. And if his position on the fact that the sanction of the French can be discussed to satiety, that on the application of the sentence has evolved. The Aprilia official saw it as an opportunity in the race, otherwise he would not openly regret that the place where the Yamaha official will have to do his “long lap” gives him the opportunity to accomplish it quite quickly…

Aleix Espargaro reports on his first day at Silverstone from which he derived great satisfaction. Swift since in the top 5, he worked together with his teammate vinalessolid third, which he considers ” like a brother “. However, he also assessed where on the route Fabio Quartaro will have to do his “long lap” on the fourth lap of Sunday’s race. And there, his face closes with this comment that reveals a certain disillusionment… “ It’s really a joke. Today, Fabio Quartararo tried this long lap several times and it just loses a few tenths lit on GPSone.

He adds : ” it seems unprofessional to me, the long lap is a penalty that I generally appreciate, it creates shows and it’s nice: theoretically it should make you lose something like three seconds. If you lose a second and a half on a track, that’s fine, but eight tenths like here is a joke. But even if it had been two seconds, Miller has already shown this year that you can do it and still fight for the podium. “.

Aleix Espargaro: I have nothing against Fabio, it’s not something against him

“I don’t think it’s difficult to create a more efficient penalty area for long laps” analyzes the driver Aprilia. ” I don’t know how they did it here. It’s a show and this penalty is part of the show. For me it is one of the best inventions of recent years in MotoGP. Before, if you made a false start, you had to go through the pits. Your race then became a disaster. Now, with this penalty the show is different, but you always have to remember what it is and what it is for. It would have been easy to improve the situation, even trying with a WSBK we could understand that it could not work like this: in Barcelona about 3 seconds are lost, here not even one “.

Aleix Espargaro term: ” we will talk about it in the safety committee. I don’t like talking about this topic right now. I have nothing against Fabio, it’s not something against him. It’s not up to him, but we riders want everything to be a bit the same. The long lap penalty, penalties in general. Here there are too many differences with the other circuits, it has to change “. For this weekend or the next ones?

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