MotoGP 2023 : le format de la course sprint révélée, du moins officieusement


MotoGP has found a main subject to animate behind the scenes of an Austrian Grand Prix which will also take place on the track. This is the question of the sprint race, a new format in the category that no one seriously doubts will see implemented in 2023. This novelty has caused a lot of ink and saliva to flow while among the pilots we find as fiercely against as others absolutely enthusiastic. Carmelo Ezpeleta will decide at lunchtime in a conference which will bring together this Saturday all the official personalities who decide and organize. But what will it look like? Here is a draft…

Opinions continue to flow among the pilots about this sprint race which already adorns the meetings of Formula 1 certainly, but also of the WSBK and the BSB. Mark Marquezpresent as an observer at Repsol Honda is for, unlike Fabio Quartaro : “ so far, this has not been officially confirmed. But when I see such a sprint race in Formula 1, I like it. Now everyone understood that we had to change something in our championship. We need to improve the show and make the Grands Prix more attractive for new prospects. If this format is adopted, I like it. I love racing. If we have two races on the weekend, that’s fine with me “.

Jack Miller is not against either but with its flowery semantics: ” I am a big fan and supporter of this concept. In the future, we pilots will have the chance to get a bonus twice per weekend! Yes, why not try? We will get half points. I think it inspires you to take more risks as a pilot. You don’t have to worry about tires and fuel consumption. In most distance races on Sunday, tires or fuel limit your performance. I am in favor of testing this element for a year and then evaluating it at the end of the year. Such a sprint race is an incredible additional attraction for Saturday. Fans will love to see this. There will be very good races “.

Jack Miller and MotoGP sprint racing: “ why not ? We are here to race motorcycles, not to perform a ballet dance

Miller is aware that an extra race means more risk. ” Of course, the risk will increase. As for the risk factor, we are all extremely fit athletes. Today we all go out in FP4 on Saturday afternoon and do almost a full race distance at race speed. Why shouldn’t we rather do this in a sprint race and make money from it? We are here to race motorcycles, not to perform a ballet dance “.

But how will this sprint race fit into the already packed program of a Grand Prix? The Speedweek site went to intelligence, and here is what it reports exclusively. Initially, this competition will have a distance half that of Sunday’s race. It should therefore bring 12.5 points to its winner. An accounting which distances it from its counterpart in Formula 1 where it weighs much less in the race for the title…

Otherwise, after FP3, the top 10 will go directly to qualifying 2. FP4 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. today will be abandoned and replaced by a 20-minute warm-up for the sprint race. The sprint race would then start at 3 p.m. Incidentally, the starting grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix will be identical to that of the sprint race, ie based on Saturday’s qualifying, as before. This is followed by Moto2 qualifying and side races such as the MotoE World Cup and the Red Bull Rookies Cup. No sprint race is scheduled for the Moto3 and Moto2 categories.

This race is intended to add value to the Saturday of the Grand Prix weekend and also to attract more spectators to the tracks. It will undoubtedly be necessary to review the regulations in terms of tire allocation per race and engine over the year, and therefore to look into the new costs generated, a sensitive subject at the moment if ever there was one. That being said, given its nature and the points awarded, the question arises of how the eventual winner of the Grand Prix will be determined. It would be possible to add the points from Saturday and Sunday, like the two rounds on Sunday in the MXGP and MX2 Motocross World Championship.

Finally, this competition will change not only the face of the title race but also upset the statistics. A dominating driver will now be able to grab up to 40 wins or more per year. The records of Giacomo Agostini (122 GP wins) and Valentino Rossi (115 GP victories) would no longer be inaccessible… This on condition that this sprint race is organized at each stage of the calendar. In Formula 1, this is not the case.

Jack Miller, Fabio Quartararo, Oakley Italian Grand Prix


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