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monitoring at the service of strategy

As every year, the myriad of trend analysis proposals at the start of 2022 are dizzying. However, it is appropriate for each company to co-construct its own analysis to better know, understand and therefore make better decisions.

Information control is a key issue for companies of all sizes; but behind this cliché hides a paradoxical reality. We are in a time where many feel over-informed and under-informed at the same time. This is why setting up a structured watch and taking advantage of the anthology of assessments and trends at the start of the year is not to be missed. But how to do it when many companies do not have resources dedicated to monitoring and economic intelligence.

A few thoughts on this:

  • Set up a PESTEL table (6 rows – 4 columns)

To understand is first to prioritize the information, otherwise in 2022, you risk believing that apart from the presidential election and the metaverses nothing else exists. The good old model of strategic analysis PESTEL (Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological, Ecological, Legal) offers a grid in my opinion quite effective. Determine and prioritize the four key trends for your business on each of these axes.

  • Read the reports and trends from the most general to the most specific

Start by understanding hypertrends, these emerging fundamental trends impacting the whole of global society at all levels. Many analyzes are produced by major international organizations, major consulting firms, major banks, etc. They are quite convergent overall. For example, read The Megatrends of Tomorrow’s World from Deloitte or those from EY on geopolitical trends and their impact on strategies.

In a world where technology is playing an ever-increasing role, whether we lament it or not, make sure you understand the big tech trends…ARM chips, BNPL, metavers, etc. For this, GP Bulhound, an investment bank, has been producing an excellent report on strategic Tech trends for 15 years.

One of the most difficult exercises is to understand societal trends. Multiply the readings. Be careful, however, to favor sources of information offering fairly specific analyzes (see for example: GFK – The 9 fundamental consumer trends) with ideally country-by-country comparisons (see for example: IPSOS: What to expect from 2022? Not much) and avoid analyzes that are too global.

Finally, on digital, it’s fireworks but personally I appreciate The analyzes of the wearesocial agency ( cf Thinking forward for 2022 ), that of hubspot-talkwalker or even that of Digimind ( trends 2022 digital marketing and social media); of course, do not forget to go to all the specialized digital organizations according to the analyzes you wish to have (Syndicat des Régies Internet, IAB France, EBG Group, etc.).

  • Go straight to the source

Go directly to the source of the information because even if some media do a good job of summarizing, they are often limited by the number of characters to devote to an article. Favor on the other hand, actors making analyzes over time and with country comparisons. Beware of opportunistic barometers published by companies judge and judged.

  • Capitalize and set up a watch

The trend review is an opportunity to launch information monitoring structuring initiatives in your company.

The solutions are there to do this. Read the JDN article presenting the free information monitoring tools. At our level, we do two watches: one on, the other on

Take advantage of this turning point in the new year to start a meeting with your collaborators or colleagues to ask them what they think are the most interesting trends to take into account, those that they consider the most threatening. A great meeting in perspective! Bring collective intelligence into play!

Formally entrust trend analysis to one or more collaborators.

It’s also the perfect time to reaffirm your business project, your brand platform with its trilogy, vision-mission-values ​​and to show that while trends influence strategy, they cannot define it. It is also always a very interesting point of discussion on the ESCP-CCM Digital Marketing Certificate.

In the end, take advantage of this moment when trends are blooming to improve your understanding of the context in which you will operate and by structuring the approach a little you will be more efficient… in short, set up a trends office in 2022.

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