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Milik, ça s’accélère avec la Juve ! (Les détails du transfert révélés)


In search of an attacker to replace Alvaro Morata, Juventus would have checked the name of Arkadiusz Milik. If this track was not initially a priority, it would have become so since the failure of negotiations with Memphis Depay. And things would have even accelerated in recent hours.

Where will Arkadiusz Milik play next season? Unlike the first two days of Ligue 1, the Polish striker did not start this Saturday during OM’s victory against Nantes (2-1) at the velodrome stadium.

For a few weeks his name has been circulating on the side of Juventus Turin, which is looking for an attacker to replace Alvaro Morata. Memphis Depay was the Italian club’s number one priority but negotiations with the former Lyonnais were unsuccessful.

The Bianconeri would thus have relaunched the Milik track. Several Italian media thus indicate this Monday the Polish international would now be very close to engaging with Juve. that in Italian offered a loan with option to buy to the Marseille management to secure the services of the scorer.

Corriere dello Sport even reveals the details of the deal that the Turin club is allegedly negotiating with Olympique de Marseille. OM and the Bianconeri would have phoned each other yesterday to finalize a paying loan of €2m with an option to buy €8m. Paying Milik’s salary (€3.7 million annually) would not be a problem for Juventus. Under contract with OM until 2025, Milik could therefore quickly pack up in the event of an agreement.

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“Milik is upside down” De Bono

Invited to react to the difficulties of the Pole since the start of the season, Jean-Charles De Bono considered evoked the difficult period on the sporting level that the Polish striker is currently going through at OM. He nevertheless remains confident in the qualities of the 28-year-old striker.

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“Milik, whether we like him or not, he’s a real football player, a real goalscorer. He is a real technician, he knows football. The problem is that we don’t have this Milik currently in the field. I feel him disturbed. In this game system, he has a role that is very far from the goal. He doesn’t have enough good balls in the area, he missed a lot of things but we don’t serve him enough. I think he’s slipping away from his preferred position because he’s not well at the moment. When you’re not physically well, you tend to either do too much or not do enough. You’re not in the right tempo. You’re upside down. That’s what’s happening to Milik today. This does not take away its qualities. We know that he is a good player for delivery, that he is precise in the last gesture. We cannot say today that he is a bad player. You have to help him to get better. » Jean-Charles De Bono – Source: Marseille Football Club (09/15/2022)

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