Michel Drucker : la terrible nouvelle vient de tomber, confidence bouleversante de son cardiologue sur son coeur…

Michel Drucker: the terrible news has just fallen, heartbreaking confidence from his cardiologist about his heart…

Michel Drucker’s state of health has been worrying for several months. The presenter of Vivement Dimanche went through many hardships which prompted him to take time for himself. But it seems that things are still not looking good for the latter. News about her new heart surprised fans. We reveal the details in this article!

Michel Drucker faces heavy health challenges!

The announcement of his health problems in the past have been particularly difficult for his fans. And yet, the latter had to wait in the face of his absence from the TV set during his convalescence. As a reminder, the facilitator was hospitalized and operated following several heart problems. If he felt barely out of breath, it was his doctor who decided to give him emergency exams to make sure it was nothing serious. In the end, things were going rather badly for the presenter who was suffering from a disease attacking a large part of his organs.

This includes in particular damage to his spleen, liver, heart and brain. The situation having been detected fairly quickly, Michel Drucker was still able to make a diagnosis and treat it. Operations quickly followed. And now, the presenter of Vivement Dimanche seems more or less restored. The latter has also found the road to the studios there is a good time. Something to please his fans who are delighted to find him!

A disturbing announcement from his doctor?

The details of Michel Drucker’s treatment have been revealed little by little. If the latter had no trouble revealing the difficulties of his illness, it is obvious that certain secrets still remain. We also know that the host had terrible news from his doctor during his exams at the time. Indeed, the streptococcus that attacked him at the time attacked many vital organs.

“I suffer from infective endocarditis” had unveiled Michel Drucker on this time. The health professional who followed him at the time had also decided to perform an operation. The opportunity for him to discover that the animator’s coronary no longer works properly. Then follows another battery of treatment for the latter.

Michel Drucker: Back on the sets!

Despite the difficulties he went through at the time, Michel Drucker now seems to get away with it. The presenter has moreover regained strength since this period. He is therefore no longer as fragile as when he had discovered this multitude of illnesses which bothered him. Especially since the latter had been afraid to die there at the time.

Currently back at his post, Michel Drucker does not intend to stop anytime soon! The latter has also revealed that his cardiologist was particularly optimistic about his condition. “You left for 200,000 kilometers” would have said in particular the latter!

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