Mercato : Tagliafico, le départ du “chouchou” des supporters de l’Ajax

Mercato : Tagliafico, le départ du “chouchou” des supporters de l’Ajax



Nicolas Tagliafico in the jersey of Ajax (Photo by Olaf Kraak / ANP / AFP)

Four years after his arrival at Ajax Amsterdam, Nicolas Tagliafico left the Dutch team to join OL. The Argentinian will leave a very good memory to the Amsterdam supporters.

To realize the popularity of Nicholas Tagliafico at Ajax Amsterdam there is a fairly simple method. When you’re interested in comments under posts Twitter of the Amsterdam club relating to the departure of the defender to OL, it is quite obvious to notice that the negative opinions about him are practically absent.

However, the Argentinian is not from the famous Dutch football school. Born in Rafael Calzada, province of Buenos Aires, he joined the Lancers in 2018. Over his four years spent in the capital of the Netherlands, the left side had time to play 167 matches and left good memories. “I’ve been a huge Tagliafico fan since the day he arrived. He brought a certain fighting spirit (grinta) to the team, which has been instrumental in the success of recent seasons, assures us AbelAjax fan for almost 20 years and subscriber to the Johan Cruijff Arena. He’s a very capable full-back, but he can also go forward and score goals. Despite his size, he is a very good head player.

One of the most loved players by fans

Same story with other Batavian supporters. “For me, he’s the best left-back I’ve seen at Ajax. He really is a fighter on the pitch and also brings a certain passion, recount Kevinfollower since 2009. Also, he is one of my favorite players of all time. Jasper continues. “The fans loved him from the first second because he never went below 110% in a game. He’s great at sliding tackles, has good speed and good crosses. He can also score with his head despite his meter seventy. Finally, it also has excellent relaxation. He was perhaps the most beloved guy on the team with Dusan Tadicsays the 20-year-old student.

Therefore, when we talk about this transfer to Olympique Lyonnais, the word that regularly comes up on the lips of Ajacides is “sadness”. “I’m sad that he left, not only because he was a good player, but also because he was a fan favorite and symbolized giving your all and never giving up.” remember Abel. An opinion shared Jasper. “We are all very sad that he is gone, but we knew it was going to happen. We expected him to leave two years before that window, but he stuck with it because he couldn’t find the right club, which he did with OL.

Kevin, Ajax supporter “He went down in history”

Much appreciated in the Amsterdam community, tagliafico will leave an indelible mark with this passage to the club, in particular thanks to his three titles won, even if he weighed a little less last season. “He brought a lot to Ajax, holds back Kevin. It was the start of the revolution and finally of this super Champions League year in 2019 (the team reached the semi-finals). I think that he made history here.

Ninth Argentinian in OL history, the 29-year-old has signed a three-year contract with the Rhone team. Time for him to also write a beautiful page in his career with the seven-time champions of France (2002-2008). “I am happy that he is taking this step”entrusts us Abel. “Lyon is a very good club for him”concludes Kevin. It is now to be hoped that Nicholas Tagliafico leaves the same impression to the Lyon supporters.

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