Mercato - OM : Luis Suarez débarque à l’OM, le transfert est validé

Mercato – OM : Luis Suarez débarque à l’OM, le transfert est validé


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Posted on July 25 at 11:00 am by Thibault Morlain

Seeking to strengthen offensively during this transfer market, Pablo Longoria found his happiness on the side of Spain. Indeed, OM went to dig in Granada, thus offering the services of Luis Suarez, for around 10M€. Namesake of the former FC Barcelona player, the Colombian has therefore joined Igor Tudor’s squad, offering a new solution in attack. To see now what it will give on the ground, but according to the first echoes, OM made a good move with Luis Suarez.

With the Champions League to be played this season, theON should be strengthened in all sectors so as not to appear on the European scene. Paul Longori has therefore set to work to bring in new players and 6 reinforcements are already to be noted within the Marseille workforce. In the offensive sector, Luis Suarez was notably recruited for around 10M€. The Colombian thus arrived from Grenade to expand the group ofIgor Tudor.

“He has enormous potential”

It is therefore not Luis Suarez the Uruguayan who arrived at theONmore Luis Suarez the Colombian who was recruited. A choice of Paul Longori which makes react this Monday in Provence. Thus, a Spanish scout, who therefore knew the attacker on the other side of the Pyrenees, explained: “ He has huge potential, he is a very powerful player, who moves fast and is good in duels “.

“He has good individual technique”

For his part, a journalist following the Sevilla FCwho could follow Luis Suarez in Spain, confided to him: He has been good in recent seasons, he is a hard worker. His shot is very precise at short and medium distance. He mainly uses short dribbling to eliminate his opponents and easily leaves them behind. He has good individual technique, which allows him to play with his back to goal, but above all he has an appetite for deep play. He anticipates well and has intuition. He can play alone in front, in pairs or on the sides “.

“I don’t think it’s a bad deal”

To pay Provencean Italian agent also said more about Luis Suarezthen expressing some reservations: It is interesting, but a little limited. He should have played at Udinese, but he never went there because it doesn’t happen in Italy. He has character, he runs, fortunately moreover… I liked him, but he didn’t have incredible statistics. At first he was a central striker, but he ended up in several positions because he is not very skilful. He didn’t play at Watford, maybe it was a work permit, but he would have struggled anyway “. Nevertheless, he still underlined the good operation of theON with Suarezexplaining: Is this a good acquisition for OM? For €10m today, there isn’t much in the attackers, so I don’t think it’s a bad deal “.

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