Mercato : La rupture est totale entre le PSG et Mauro Icardi

Mercato : La rupture est totale entre le PSG et Mauro Icardi


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Mercato: The break is total between PSG and Mauro Icardi

Posted on August 8, 2022 at 9:35 p.m. by Axel Cornic updated on August 8, 2022 at 11:23 p.m.

Totally excluded from the project for several months, Mauro Icardi is pushed towards the exit at Paris Saint-Germain. However, between extra-sporting escapades and transfer window problems, the Argentinian striker is struggling to find a new club and Luis Campos will have to find a solution in order to complete his departure before the end of the summer transfer window.

Some may have forgotten it, but Mauro Icardi is still a player PSG. The last time we saw him on a pitch defending the Parisian colors dates back to April 17 and a very short minute played againstOlympic Marseille (2-1). Since then, nothing and the off-season as well as the change of coach has in no way changed things since he remained on the bench during the Trophée des Champions against FC Nantes (4-0) and for the start of the PSG in Ligue 1 against Clermont this Saturday (0-5), he was simply not in the group.

“Stop making sh*t up, the decision not to call me was just technical”

This absence did not fail to make people talk, with The team who put forward personal reasons … which seems to have greatly annoyed Mauro Icardi. ” Stop making sh*t up, the decision not to call me was just technical. I’m not absent due to any personal issue, I don’t have one, and I respect every practice » the attacker of the PSG, in a story published on instagram. ” Football continues to be my priority and my job, the one I get paid for. I will not tolerate incompetent and ill-intentioned people trying to smear me. Do not waste your time and before writing hiding behind a filter or a newspaper, find out about the reality “.

Luis Campos can’t take it anymore from the Icardi clan

If it is a technical choice the message sent by the PSG is more than clear: Mauro Icardi no longer has a place at the club. The Gazzetta dello Sport explains that this file would also begin to seriously annoy Luis Campos, with the umpteenth escapade people of the couple Icardi which didn’t help matters. The new architect of PSG wishes to change the image of a club often considered too bling-bling and it is not the rumors launched by the Argentine press that will help him. To believe Gazettethe most recent divorce case with Wanda Nara would be the drop that would have broken the camel’s back and Fields would now intend to find a solution by the end of August.

Monza does not close the door, but…

Precisely, solutions, there are not really any! The only hope for the PSG could come from Monza, where Adriano Galliani has not completely closed the door to a possible arrival of Mauro Icardi. If I take Icardi? I don’t know, tonight we’re not talking about the transfer market, let’s see what happens… “explained at the microphone of Sports Mediaset the managing director of the promoted from Serie A. but can we really believe it? Corriere dello Sport explains this Monday that this track is totally utopian for the moment. In fact, the PSG agrees to cover a large part, if not all, of the €10 million salary thatIcardi touches until 2024… which does not seem at all to be the intention of Louis Fields.

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