Mercato : À cause d’Ousmane Dembélé, le Barça devient la risée des réseaux sociaux

Mercato : À cause d’Ousmane Dembélé, le Barça devient la risée des réseaux sociaux


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Posted on July 15, 2022 at 6:00 a.m. by Thomas Bourseau

Announced on the side of PSG, Chelsea and Bayern Munich, Ousmane Dembélé finally officially extended his contract with FC Barcelona until June 2024. For the occasion, Barça bet on a rather sober announcement, in the same way as the staging in which Dembélé took part. Enough to unleash passions on social networks.

After long weeks of negotiations, testimonials in the press and rumors that flew at full speed in the media, the CF Barcelona saw the end of the tunnel in the soap opera Ousmane Dembele for a week. And Thursday, the Barca achieved his goals thanks to the signing of Dembélé until June 2024 when his contract had expired on June 30.

Xavi prevailed

This Thursday, FC Barcelona unveiled the long-awaited announcement by Xavi Hernandez who wanted at all costs to keep Ousmane Dembele and by some blaugrana supporters whose confidence in the tricolor world champion had not been shaken.

Dembélé erases the 2022 from the whiteboard and replaces it with a 2024

For the occasion, the CF Barcelona did not perform a big staging as has been done at other clubs with a storytelling behind this contract extension. Quite the contrary, the Barca chose to do something sober. In a video where we see a whiteboard with the following inscription: “Dembele 2022”, Ousmane Dembele looks at the camera in disagreement before taking a rag, erasing and writing 2024 instead, to announce its extension. In said video, the striker of CF Barcelona calm ” Now yes ! Forza Barca »with a big smile and a clenched fist.

A video that was taken down on Twitter

No special effects, nor extensive staging as for Paul Pogba who had stepped over the training center of the Juventus for his return. Enough to allow some to go wild on social networks whose account @Ronnie7i who says about Twitter What “An extension announcement on a whiteboard is borderline poor.” As a reminder, the CF Barcelona is going through a rather delicate period economically, while the President Joan The door mentioned debts amounting to €1.3 billion last August.

The account @JoBro1886 for his part said: “They couldn’t afford to make an announcement video, so they went to a school and borrowed a whiteboard.”

The account Power powder went further in satire:

‘Barcelona’s social department: We need a huge video to unveil Ousmane Dembélé’s new contract’

“Barcelona finance department: I’m afraid budgets are a bit tight this month.”

“The social department of Barcelona: Good. Take this pen, Ousmane”.

In short, it is clear that the announcement of the CF Barcelona for the extension of the contract ofOusmane Dembele unleashed passions, but not for the right reasons.

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