Meghan Markle lying?  A murderous little phrase from the queen revealed!

Meghan Markle lying? A murderous little phrase from the queen revealed!

Although some versions may varywe take this very seriously and will discuss it with the family in private” had declared Elizabeth II following the shock interview between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Oprah Winfrey during which they denounced very strong racism within Buckingham Palace. A subtle way of saying that his grandson’s wife can sometimes distort reality (and lie)? In any case, according to investigative writer Tom Bower, Meghan Markle does indeed tend to turn the facts to her advantage and this, on many occasions…

In his work Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsorsthe writer also returns to several anecdotes frequently told by the Duchess of Sussex which, according to him, are totally false. On a blog, the mother of Archie and Lilibet had said in particular that the great-great-great-grandmother of her father, Mary, had lived in Malta with a British soldier called Thomas Bird. They were married and had a child born in 1862. Mary is then said to have been employed as a cook at Windsor Castle. According to her, this very romantic love story would have been, in a way, a premonition of her story with Prince Harry.

Or for Tom Bower, Meghan Markle”has no ancestors in Malta“. The 19th century soldier Thomas Bird did marry Mary, but in Dublin in 1860, which clearly rules out employment at Windsor Castle. Thomas Bird”was posted with his wife to India and briefly to Malta. Soon after, a son was born and they moved to Canada, where Thomas died.“. A (very) different version.

False advertising from Meghan Markle?

Another myth that has long made the reputation of Meghan Markle: her protest against a Procter & Gamble (P&G) advertisement for dishwashing liquid. At age 11, Meghan Markle reportedly wrote to P&G, as well as then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, complaining about how sexist advertising stereotyped women with her slogan “Women Across America Struggle With Greasy Pans“. After weeks of protest, the giant would have replaced the word “women” by “people” (thanks to Meghan Markle?). For years, Prince Harry’s wife has therefore used this story as her first success as a budding activist.

On the contrary, Tom Bower claims that the Duchess never received any response from Procter & Gamble or Clinton, her father even writing follow-up letters “demanding“that they recognize his daughter, but that”nothing had happened“. Tom Bower claims that Mrs. Clinton and Procter & Gamble totally ignored Meghan’s letters. Incidentally, when Meghan Markle was unable to prove that Mrs. Clinton had indeed responded to her letter as she had recounted, Vanity Fair had removed the reference to this case in a 2018 interview.

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