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Mathieu and Alexandre (Love is in the meadow) it’s over, the separation revealed!

It’s been two years since they seemed more in love than ever. Mathieu and Alexandre, the emblematic couple of the fifteenth season of “Love is in the meadow”.

The couple Mathieu and Alexandre published a black and white photo of their union on Sunday March 27, 2022. THE MISSING OF YOU. Separation may have its virtues, but it is often marked by the lack. We have lived these last 2 years H24 together: work, family, projects, our commitments, can we read in the caption.

mathieu and alexander wedding

A life at 200 km/h. Few people have experienced as much as us in such a short time.. Is it the fear of disease, or our energy? Probably a mix of the two. Soon our two bodies will embrace again for new, even crazier and more intense adventures. LOVE US. In the comments, many netizens were touched by such a statement.

Remember that the couple did not separate. Mathieu and Alexandre are physically separated, nothing more. The first is in Martinique while his lover is in France. Last October, during an interview with our colleagues from Gala, the farmer had mentioned the reasons for his presence on the island. We are going to the West Indies, mainly in Martiniqueto help the KAP Caraïbes association.

mathieu and alexander

We will be touring colleges and high schools to talk about love, homosexuality and inclusion, he revealed. We must not forget that we are going to an island where 80% of the population is homophobic. It’s a real challenge. Going there as a gay couple is fine. But going there as a gay couple exposing themselves through radio and TV shows is a lot more risky.

The couple also had another project: We are going to try to co-produce a documentary in which Alex and I will be immersed in homophobic families. I tell myself that if we pass holidays with these families and that in the end we hug and kiss each other, then we will have won everything.

alexander and mathieu

Although they have both left, Mathieu remains alone in Martinique for the moment. Indeed, Alexander has returned home. But let him be reassured, his other half will soon be back, in mid-April.

Mathieu and Alexandre (Love is in the meadow) undergo an unprecedented digital raid

The two lovers explained that they suffered a digital raid from haters on their Instagram account. Mathieu and Alexandre were targeted for their support for Ukraine. We give you all the details.

Vladimir Putin finally declared war on Ukraine, a country bordering the former Soviet Union. Since then, the Western world has been following the fighting very closely every day.

If the leaders Europeans and Americans strongly condemn these attacks, citizens also fervently support the Ukrainian people. Among them: Matthieu and Alexandre, darlings of season 15 of Love is in the meadow. But the two lovers did not expect reprisals of such magnitude.

Alexandre and her husband Mathieu are one of the show’s favorite couples. Mathieu and Alexandre met in 2020. Monday August 23, in the special program What happened to them, viewers attended at their beautiful wedding celebrated last June. What happened this weekend to put Alexandre in such a state?

The unforgettable couple from season 15 of Love is in the meadow

When he moved in with Mathieu, he had found a job as a practice rider at a racing stable. Unfortunately, he suffered an accident on the first day of his new job. In December 2020, he confided in the columns of Télé Loisirs. Alexander almost died.

I had a triple humerus fracture, an open head fracture from a kick, and another in the arch. I have plates and pins in my arm. I am unable to work with racehorses for at least a year, he revealed to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. This accident had pushed him to retrain in real estate. Fortunately, there was Mathieu to support me, he said at the time.

For his part, Mathieu had also moved Internet users a little earlier, last August. He had indeed confided that he suffered from a serious illness. I learned that I had an incurable disease, Cadasil disease. In fact, it’s gene 19 that’s out of whack. For 1/3 of people it’s a big blow and for the other two thirds it’s degeneration with micro blows, he revealed to our colleagues from Current Woman.

We pray for you.

Still in love like the first day, Matthieu and Alexandre wanted to show their support to the Ukrainian people. On their Instagram account, the newlyweds posted a photo in which Mathieu and Alexandre kiss above a Ukrainian flag.

Matthew and Alexander

In the comments, Mathieu and Alexandre wrote: We pray for you. My friends, look at our profile picture. Do the same in support of the Ukrainian people. It’s not a big deal. But we have to. We are thinking of you, Ukrainian people. There are no words. Faced with the barbarism of a man whose only desire is his megalomania. We are thinking of your children. We pray for you., they captioned the photo.

Fans were quick to hail their initiative. Thank you boys for supporting Ukraineour little girl is over there. 6 months pregnant. We are scared, replied one user. Congratulations to you for this magical and magnificent thought, We are wholeheartedly with the Ukrainian people and we are with you in your prayers, was it also written a little further.

Mathieu and Alexandre divorce

But Mathieu and Alexandre have quickly came under attack because of their publication. Supporting Ukraine with a kiss between two boys awakens hatred. We are currently under a digital raid from homophobic outsiders, they said. They showed a comment written in English with mistakes.

You must pray that Putin eradicates homosexuality, dared to threaten the person. They received dozens of such comments. But they were able to answer their assailants: Fuck them. At least, that’s what they said!

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