Mariés au premier regard : elle a trouvé son compagnon dans son lit avec sa meilleure amie

Married at first sight: she found her partner in bed with her best friend

It must be recognized that for several years, “Married at first sight” has been one of the most watched programs in France. At the same time, it is quite normal since the concept is, as the name suggests, to marry a person on the first meeting. Hence, the French are very interested in this program.

A woman unhappy in love

This program notably allowed us to meet many participants, including the handsome Jauffrey, who is participating in the new edition of the program. Jauffrey is a handsome man, who will soon enter his forties and who lives in Marseilles. His passion is swimming. He even gives lessons.

When he has some free time, he prefers to spend it with his friends, especially with Florent Manaudou and Frédérick Bouquet. But if Jauffrey seems to be doing well in life, only one thing is missing from his life: love. Luckily, “Married at First Sight” is there to give it a boost. Indeed, the program participant had recently discovered that a young woman is 76% compatible with him. This is none other than the beautiful Cindy, who has always been unlucky in love.

“In my romantic relationships, I was so wrong… I really never came across good boys. It was disaster upon disaster,” she says in her portrait.

His very painful past

In “Married at first sight”, Cindy, but also her relatives, remembered the bad experiences of the young woman in love. Cindy recounts, in fact, having already gone out with a man who forgot to tell her that he was in a relationship with another woman. But that’s not all.

This participant of “MAPR” also revealed that she had already surprised one of her ex-companions with her “best friend”, in their apartment, on the bed she had slept on. Old stories that obviously still haunt the young woman.

“Really, I don’t know how to find someone good for me,” she said.

To top it off, her marriage at first sight to Jauffrey also didn’t last. Let’s hope that one of these days, Cindy will finally find her feet.

Those participants who ended their marriage

Just like Jauffrey and Cindy, Axel and Caroline also got to know each other thanks to “Married at first sight”. As a reminder, it was at the altar of Gibraltar that the two said “yes” to each other. Sometime after getting married, Axel and Caroline made a drastic decision about their relationship. A relationship that was notably more friendly than romantic, hence the fact that they decided to put an end to their union.

It was Axel who made this decision first and the least we can say is that his decision was applauded by many “MAPR” fans. Indeed, after discovering the end of the marriage of Caroline and Axel, the fans were quick to react.

Most of them thus agree with Axel for having put an end to this union. For them, Caroline and her ex-husband have no future together at all. Today, therefore, Axel and Caroline have preferred to remain “friends”.

What about Eddy and Jennifer?

Eddy and Jennifer are also among the contestants of “MAPR” and ended up together after the program. But when they were thought to be inseparable, the young man had recently announced that they had put an end to their relationship. Between them, he says, things weren’t going well anymore, hence the reason why he separated from Jennifer.

The two therefore took different paths and Eddy even found love again. The new chosen one of his heart is one of his good friends, according to his words. There had never been anything between them before, but lately Eddy and this so-called friend have been giving each other a chance.

“We’re at a start, we’ll see where it takes us,” he said.

Eddy notably confessed to having shared his new love story with Jennifer. It therefore seems that the two former lovebirds have kept in touch despite their breakup.

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