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Married at first sight: “pier of a restaurant”, Emilie furious, she tells why she refused to pay the bill

Emily’s vacation from Married at First Sight has turned into a disaster. Indeed, she has been chaining disappointments for some time. Remember that the young woman witnessed a real drama on the beach. Afterwards, Lina’s mother bounced off the restaurateur because of her service. We reveal the details!

Emily Married at First Sight: A succession of disasters!

It was Married at First Sight that made Emily famous. She then married Frédérick, a man she discovered in the M6 ​​program. But lately, she has been accumulating galleys.

Recall that the candidate of Married at First Sight divorced her husband. However, she struggled to come to terms with their separation. Since then, they have exchanged bickering on social networks. Tired of this situation, she decides to change air.

To recover, she moves out of her house and then packs her things to go on vacation. She travels to the south of France with her mother and her granddaughter. However, their stay did not go as she expected.

Lina’s mother piles up the misadventures. She thought she was quiet when she went out for the fresh air in the morning, yet that was not the case. She recounts her bad experience of having witnessed a death. However, his pain does not end there.

Emily gets fired!

Emily shares her misadventure in her Instagram story. The story takes place in a restaurant in Cassis. The Married at First Sight star took her daughter and her mother out to dinner. She expected the service to be long and brought a piece of fruit to keep her daughter waiting.

However, Emily has angered the restaurateur. While eating, her 18-month-old baby soiled the seat. To answer him, she therefore explained: “Sir, you only put a towel, I did as I could”.

The restaurateur replies: “Ah, but it was up to me to put towels on the bench? I never heard that! “. To resolve this misunderstanding, she offers to compensate him. However, the furious restaurateur provokes her by criticizing the way she raises her child.

As expected, the candidate of Married at First Sight could not hold back while listening to him and replied. “My daughter, I only do that to run behind! How do you hold an 18 month old? You will have to explain to me. Do I bully her, put pies on her? Well, no, I’m not raising my daughter like that,” she cries.

Married at First Sight candidate refuses to pay the bill

Following this affront, the candidate of Married at First Regard refused to pay when the restaurant owner asked his family to leave. Besides, she bounced on him when he presented her with a bill for the drinks she had consumed.

“I was shaking, I said to him: ‘Sir, you are kidding, there is no one here who will pay an addition, I tell you right away!’ » she said on Instagram.

She concludes in her comment: “It frankly shocked me, it upset me, because we do not deserve to be received like that. You don’t kick out a granny with an 18 month old baby, it’s shameful! And if you don’t want your seat to be stained, well, don’t run a restaurant! »

At the request of Télé Loisir, the director of the establishment had to explain the situation. His version of the facts is completely different from that of the young woman. It is therefore a case to follow for fans of Married at First Sight!

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