Marie Trintignant: Her sons Roman, Paul, Léon and Jules divided after her death, a "cut siblings"

Marie Trintignant: Her sons Roman, Paul, Léon and Jules divided after her death, a “cut siblings”


It was on August 1, 2003 that Marie Trintignant died under the blows of her companion Bertrand Cantat. This Monday, August 1, 2022, it was 19 years ago that this drama happened and separated the four children of the actress. A fraction from which they have all suffered greatly. The daughter of Nadine and the now late Jean-Louis Trintignant had four children from four different fathers. Romanhis eldest, 36 years old, fruit of his love with the drummer of the group Telephone, Richard Kolinka. Paul Cluzet29 years old, son Marie Trintignant had with François Cluzet. Leonfrom his relationship with Mathias Othnin-Girad, 26 years old today, and finally the youngest Jules Benchetrit. Son of Samuel Benchetrit, the young man of 24 years is now the half-brother of Jack and Lily-Rose Depp.

Four beautiful boys who were very united when their mother was still in this world. Paul Cluzet was only 10 years old when the tragedy occurred, taking away his mother forever. He was then handed over to his famous dad. “Paul did not fully understand what was happening to him at the time. What was terrible is that the kids were all brought up together and the fathers had to get their own. For them, this sibling who was cut into pieces was a terrible lack of reference points.“, François Cluzet had informed Europe 1. A sibling who had a hard time rebuilding itself, and still does, almost twenty years later. Nadine Trintignant who gave news of her grandsons last January in the columns of Gala described them as “broken“, victims of “cracks that we never get rid of“.

What happens to Roman, Paul, Léon and Jules?

Paul Cluzet went to live in Australiafew years ago, “for a love story“, as entrusted by his father. He then wanted to become a writer. Léon, 6 years old at the time of the death of Marie Trintignant, has never come out of the shadows since. On the other hand, Roman Kolinka and Jules Benchetrit followed in their mother’s footsteps, staying in the spotlight. At 14, Roman starred in Victory or women’s pain, a TV movie directed by his grandmother, then was directed by her again in blue island (2001) then in Colette, a free woman (2004). After the death of his mother, he turned to the cinema and turned in several films, including three achievements of Mia Hansen-Løve. Wool “has restaurants, he tours and works a lot”confided Nadine Trintignant to our colleagues. Paul written but won’t show me yet when my editor wants to read it. Leon works in catering. jules is an actor. He will soon play Sami Frey in the film that Danièle Thompson is making on Brigitte Bardot“, she added.

This tattoo common to the four brothers

Her sons were the apple of her eye for Mary. And they pay him back. Nadine Trintignant thus made a touching revelation about them. “One day, we were in Polynesia to shoot The Prince of the Pacificand the whole team was getting tattoos of stuff, she had said. Mary had a sun made at the bottom of her belly with four rays at the end of which are inscribed the four names of her sons. They, today, all have ‘Mom’ or ‘Mary’ tattooed on their chest or their shoulder.”

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