Lyon montre les crocs - Dbrief et NOTES des joueurs (OL 4-1 ESTAC) - Football

Lyon montre les crocs – Dbrief et NOTES des joueurs (OL 4-1 ESTAC) – Football

Clearly above, Olympique Lyonnais largely beat Troyes (4-1), this Friday, at the start of the 3rd day of Ligue 1. Thanks to a much better second period, the Gones continue with a second success in as many outings in this championship.

Lacazette has made the powder speak again.

Two weeks after having opened the ball in this new Ligue 1 season, Olympique Lyonnais had a follow-up in its ideas. Deprived of a Lorient match last Sunday, the Rhone club continued with a second success in the league against Troyes (4-1), this Friday, at the start of the third day.

Without being exceptional despite a good second period, the Gones have put in the necessary ingredients to take the upper hand quite clearly over an Aube team that is overwhelmed defensively.

Troyes holds his own

As against Ajaccio, the Lyonnais quickly found the opening. Too confident, Rami slipped a ball too soft Gallon that Lacazette intercepted. Without pity, the Rhone captain scored with a flat foot low to the ground (1-0, 3rd). A big blow for the tricolor world champion, who weighed down among his people. But more was needed to calm Aube ambitions. After a lightning acceleration, Larouci came close to equalizing but Tagliafico made a significant save in front of his line.

We also found the Argentinian left back a few minutes later but in the wrong role this time. Overtaken after a nice dribble from Thierno Bald, the defector from Ajax mowed down the right side in the area. As against Ajaccio, Riou lost his duel with Tardieu, who scored with a half-high shot (1-1, 39th). A deserved equalization for ESTAC, which was on a par with OL and which could above all count on a vigilant Gallon to fend off Lacazette’s strike before the break.

The Lyon hurricane

When they returned from the locker room, OL flew away. On the prowl after a failed volley from Tet, Tagliafico was forgiven by scoring at close range (2-1, 47′). A few moments later, Tet increased the score, also point-blank, but with a header (3-1, 49′). A resounding comeback against Les Troyens on the street… The addition could have even been dirtier without a reflex stoppage by Gallon in front of Toko Ekambi shortly before the hour mark.

In a great atmosphere at Groupama Stadium, Lyon wanted to take advantage of Trojan’s apathy to heal their goal difference. Tet, discreet but devilishly effective, took charge of this mission by scoring with a tight strike low to the ground (4-1, 75th). At the end of the match, Gallon prevented the complete rout with a powerful shot from Lacazette while Cherki, on fire, touched the bar on his attempt. A great victory for Lyon despite the unprecedented weakness of Troyes.

The score of the match: 7/10

A good level game. Olympique Lyonnais gained momentum with a good second period while Troyes, despite a weak overall performance, never closed the game to try to fight back. We were treated to some pretty Rhone actions and a slew of chances which allowed the local fans to enjoy themselves.

The goals :

– On an opening by Thiago Mendes, Larouci wins his Arian duel with Tet. The ball arrives at the feet of Rami, who is unsuspecting and sets back for Gallon. On the lookout, Lacazette cuts the pass and deceives the Trojan goalkeeper at the penalty spot with a low shot (1-0, 3rd).

– On the right side, Thierno Bald provokes Tagliafico, forced to mow him down. Penalty for Tardieu, who does not tremble against Riou by shooting halfway up, on his right (1-1, 39th).

– At the entrance to the surface, Tolisso finds Tet, who has left the limit of offside, at the far post. The Brazilian misses his volley but the ball reaches Tagliafico, who pushes him into the back of the net at close range (2-1, 47′).

– At 40 meters, Toko Ekambi slips a good ball on the right for Paqueta. The Brazilian midfielder attempts a right-footed shot that Gallon rebuffs with difficulty. The ball flies away and falls at the far post, where Tet places a header to weigh down the mark (3-1, 49th).

– On the right, Caqueret recovers a ball 40 meters. The Lyon midfielder finds Tet, who mystifies Salmier and Palmer-Brown with a stepover with a favorable deflection. At 15 meters, the Brazilian winger landed a low shot slightly deflected by Gallon but powerful enough to finish in the back of the net close to the post (4-1, 75th).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Tet (8/10)

A decisive pass and two goals. As against Ajaccio, the Brazilian winger was very involved in the best actions of his team. Like a bee, he knew how to sting at the opportune moments to sink the Trojans who never knew how to stop him. Formidably efficient. Replace the 86th minute with Romain Faivre (not).


Rmy Riou (5): the replacement for Lopes had almost nothing to do in this match. Once again beaten on penalty, he can still thank Tagliafico for having saved two hot actions in front of his line.

Malo Gusto (5.5): the right side had difficulty containing the twirling Larouci. He still managed to stay on his feet to better come back in the second period, participating a lot in the game. Replaced in the 73rd minute by Henrique (not).

Thiago Mendes (7): clean and flawless. The Brazilian midfielder, permanently placed in central defence, has never been put in danger. He was able to organize the play from behind very quietly, allowing himself a few climbs.

Castello Lukeba (6.5): the central defender didn’t have much to do tonight. Serene in his placement and his raises, he was in no way worried in this game.

Nicols Tagliafico (7.5): certainly, the Argentinian left side conceded the penalty for the equalizer. But apart from this blunder, the former Ajax player was excellent. The proof is he who gave OL the advantage with a fox goal. It was he who recovered the ball with an angry header on the third goal. It is still he who twice saves his team in front of his line on very dangerous crosses low to the ground. A good meeting despite an error which deprived him of the title of man of the match.

Lucas Paquet (7): as against Ajaccio, the Brazilian midfielder was omnipresent in the midfield. Very active on the defensive plan, he was very good after the break on his breakthroughs and created many chances. An important work of harassment which must have pleased Peter Bosz. Replace the 86th minute with Ryan Cherki (no no)who set fire in just 5 minutes with a strike on the bar.

Johann Lepenant (6): a correct copy made by the medium form Caen. Always on the move, he offered interesting solutions to his partners. However, he will have to be calmer in his interventions to make fewer mistakes. Replace 73rd minute with Maxence Caqueret (no)recovery on the last goal.

Corentin Tolisso (6): for his first official since his return, the French midfielder was good. He showed experience in managing the tempo after Lyon’s first two goals in the second half, notably being involved in Tagliafico’s with a fine pass for Tet. Replace the 63rd minute with Jeff Reine-Adlade (not).

Tet (8): read comment above.

Alexandre Lacazette (6.5): the Lyon captain immediately got in the right direction by opening the scoring in the first moments after a huge blunder from Rami. Paradoxically, he was discreet throughout the match despite two good chances to increase the score.

Karl Toko Ekambi (5.5): a tone below his partners. Non-existent in the first period, he was a little better after the break with several initiatives taken and a good pass for Paqueta on the action of the third goal. He will have to quickly score a goal to gain confidence.


Gauthier Gallon (5): four goals in the bag but it could have been double without his stops in front of Lacazette, Paqueta or even Toko Ekambi. Delivered himself.

Thierno Bald (6): the right side was interesting in the first period, notably obtaining a penalty for a foul by Tagliafico. He was rather level ahead of Toko Ekambi. Replace the 72nd minute with Renaud Ripart (no).

Adil Rami (2): Established to bring his experience to a prestigious match, the central defender was completely holed up after a few seconds on a bad back pass which benefited Lacazette. A catastrophic departure which ruined his evening since he never managed to recover.

Erik Palmer-Brown (4): the central defender was not totally overwhelmed by Lacazette, whom he rather liked. On the other hand, he often lacked aggressiveness in duels, especially against Tet.

Yoann Salmier (4): a difficult evening for the central defender, who like Palmer-Brown, lacked the aggressiveness to slow down the Lyon attackers.

Yasser Larouci (4.5): the Algerian left side has the fault of his qualities. Offensively, he hurt in the first period with a big opportunity following an authoritarian overflow. It was much more complicated after the break because it is too easy to have in the back on the two goals in quick succession. Replace the 59th minute with Tristan Dingom (no).

Wilson Odobert (5.5): surprise of the starting lineup, the young winger trained at PSG made some interesting outbursts in the first period. He never cheated by going to coal until the last minute.

Kouame N’Guessan (4): a good first period with impact. A much more complicated return from the locker room where it no longer sees the light of day with the rise in power of Les Gones.

Florian Tardieu (6): the Aube captain was one of the few players at the level. Scorer from the penalty spot, the midfielder was interesting in recovery and in his ability to reverse the game in the first period. A little less good after the break, like all his team.

Bald (4): a disappointment. Despite Larouci’s climbs, the former Reims player was clumsy on his combinations and his percussion. Replace the 59th minute with Xavier Chavalerin (no).

Ike Ugbo (3): the Trojan striker has been through an ordeal. Gobbled up by Mendes and Lukeba, he never had the opportunity to put himself in evidence. An evening to forget for the Canadian center forward. Replace the 72nd minute with Kyliane Dong (no).

+ Find the results and the classification of Ligue 1 on Maxifoot

And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below!

LYON 4-1 TROYES (mid-time: 1-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 3rd day
Stadium: Groupama Stadium, Lyon – Referee: Eric Wattellier, France

But : A. Lacazette (3rd) N. Tagliafico (47th) Tet (49th) Tet (75th) for LYON – F. Tardieu (39th, pen.) for TROYES
Warnings :- R. N’Guessan (51st)for TROYES

LYONS : R. Riou – Thiago Mendes, C.Lukeba – Mr. Gusto (Henrique, 72nd), N.Tagliafico – Lucas Paquet (M. Cherki, 86th), J. Lepenant (M. Caqueret, 73rd), C. Tolisso (J. Reine-Adlade, 63rd) – Tet (R. Faivre, 87th), A. Lacazette, K. Toko Ekambi

TROYES : G. Gallon – E. Palmer-Brown, A.Rummy, Y.Salmier – T. Bald (R. Ripart, 72nd), Y. Larouci (T. Dingom, 60th) – Wilson Odobert, R. N’Guessan, F. Tardieu, Bald (X. Chavalerin, 59th) – I. Farm (K. Dong, 72nd)

Lacazette opened the scoring following a blunder from Rami (1-0, 3rd)

Tardieu has galis on penalty (1-1, 39th)

Tet scored twice (49th, 75th)

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