Lupin le succès de la série Netflix ne plait pas à tout le monde

Lupine’s success on Netflix doesn’t appeal to everyone


Cine-tourism has advantages but also some negative repercussions of which the inhabitants of the small town of Étretat are victims.

In the list of French series developed by Netflix, few have known the success of Lupin. Carried by Omar Sy, the modern reinterpretation of detective novels by Maurice Leblanc, the series has established itself as one of the most popular productions throughout the world. In fact, it is in seventh place in the ranking of the most viewed non-English speaking series across the globe. More 316 million hours were viewed in these first 28 days of operation.

In addition to having put a spotlight on this iconic character of French literature, the series praised the merits of the French coast and a city in particular. Indeed, in season 1, our hero goes to Étretat for a pilgrimage in the footsteps of Arsène Lupin. In reality, it is the viewers of the series who gladly go to the small Normandy town to discover the places that served as the setting for several scenes in the series. It is the famous hollow needle that attracts the most tourists.

Le Parisien and Today in France thus met the inhabitants of this small town, more than exceeded by the new popularity of the place. So many locals finally decide to pack their bags.

“Lupin, Lupin, we’re fed up. It’s catastrophic. The price of real estate, everyday life, everything has increased and no young people want to come and settle here. And if there are no more young people, there is no more life” regrets an elderly resident of the small town. Even the mayor says he is overwhelmed by the situation. “The Norman city saw its attendance figures jump again last year, estimated at one million visitors. We would like reasoned tourism, but we can’t manage to regulate, we’ve never experienced that.”

Film tourism attracts many followers

The impact of the 7th art on tourism is not new. For a long time, many cities and regions have relied on the phenomenon to attract many visitors. Some travel in the footsteps of spaghetti westerns in Andalusia or in search of magical relics in Ireland and Great Britain. fans ofHarry Potter For example, many are embarking on a roadtrip to discover all the natural settings of the cinematographic saga.

Series game of thrones also shed light on some cities in Croatia and Northern Ireland. Some thus discover the castles which were used for the sequences of Winterfell. It is nevertheless in Dubrovnik in Croatia that the fans are the most numerous. In the seaside town, residents have seen many shops dedicated to the HBO series flourish. Mugs, t-shirts and other goodies now sit proudly alongside traditional postcards and magnets.

In 2018, the CNC also devoted a study to the subject. Among the spectators who saw Dunkirk24% then want to discover the filming locations. Thus, in July of the same year, the city saw a 176% increase in English tourists, compared to 536% in August. The city museum meanwhile welcomed twice as many visitors as usual. Still, for communities, this sudden popularity can be a real logistical headache. Étretat had probably not anticipated such fallout.

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