L’amour est dans le pré: décès de Jean-Claude Joly les raisons de son suicide enfin révélées

Love is in the meadow: death of Jean-Claude Joly the reasons for his suicide finally revealed

Jean-Claude Joly is a former participant of love is in the meadow. He decided to kill himself on Friday June 24. This is not the first, another participant of the same show has also decided to end it.

A difficult job

In 2011, Jean-Claude took part in the program l’amour est dans le pré, presented by Karine Le Marchand. In the show, the presenter called him “My Jean-Claude” with great kindness. Originally from Normandy, the farmer participated in the show, like all the others, to find love. He was tired of his celibacy and wanted to share his life with someone. He therefore turned to the M6 ​​program to help him.

This is how Jean-Claude met Maud, and fell in love. Until now they were still spinning love, having even given birth to a pretty little girl in 2014. Their daughter is called Charlotte and is now 8 years old. This lovely family life at 3 therefore ends this Friday, June 24th. The father of the family has decided to kill himself in his barn. Leaving her 8-year-old daughter and her partner in mourning.

Karine Le Marchand, her tribute to Jean-Claude

It was therefore 11 years now that Karine met Jean-Claude, for whom she felt a lot of sympathy. At the news of his death, the host pays him a tribute by giving him a few words. Sad about what was happening, she spoke up. She declares on Instagram with a photo of the farmer “Mor Jean-Claude, words fail me, but not my tears. Thank you for giving me so much joy and affection at each of our reunions. You chose to say stop, so rest in peace. My thoughts go out to Maud and your little Charlotte.”.

Many farmers also reacted, affected by this action of a colleague. In particular Mathieu and Alexandre left comments saying “My God what a horror…but what a sad world we live in…all our thoughts to his family” under the publication of Karine. The most terrible thing is that his gesture was premeditated and summed up a strong problem in the world of agriculture. Jean-Claude, whose thing he wanted was a woman, was lucky to find her. He was even able to start a family, far from the solitude in which he lived before the show. Thus winning the love of two girls when 11 years ago he was only looking for one. However, that was not enough to make him endure the life he was leading.

Agriculture, a difficult world

Jean-Claude is not the first farmer to kill himself. Indeed, another participant of the show also flew away. This is Jean-Pierre Le Guelvout, participant in season 5 of the show, killed himself in 2016 in Moréac. He had used his brother’s hunting weapon to put a bullet in his heart and thus put an end to his financial problems.

Source: Pexel

His sister confided in Télé Star. “On Tuesday evening, the day before his death, I had been on the phone with him for a long time. We discussed the future, his projects… There was no indication of what happened. […] Around noon, he shot himself in the heart. It’s Andrew [frère aîné de Jean-Pierre, les deux hommes travaillaient ensemble dans l’exploitation, N.D.L.R.] who found it around 6.30pm. He had left a note: ‘Today despair outweighs hope… the cows killed me.’

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