Louane upset: she left The Voice Kids in tears after Timéo’s performance!

“He is think that’s the season where we had the most interruptions in filming. I thank Louane for that.”confided Pascal Guix, the artistic producer of children of the voicejoking. And this, during the presentation to the press of the 2022 season of tele-hook last June. Three months later, on Saturday August 20, 2022, viewers were able to discover the first blind auditions of the eighth edition of TF1’s flagship program. But above all the beginnings of Julien Doré and Louane as a coach. A first very emotionalespecially for the singer revealed, herself, by The voice in 2013.

Louane: “I couldn’t speak anymore”

Discovering 12-year-old Timéo on stage, the 25-year-old singer suffered a wave of emotions. We must not hide only by resuming “A Happy Man”, the famous hit by William Shellerthe young Timéo brought back memories to the singer Louane. Indeed, she had covered this song during her blind audition of The voice in 2013. Louane even announced: “I going to die” to his colleague Kendji Girac, totally upset. After Timéo’s hearing, she even confided in him: “This song changed my life. I wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t existed… I didn’t expect that. You are really impressive. It was sublime what you did. You really touched me deeply”.

After convincing Timéo to continue The Voice Kids adventure at the heart of his team, Louane came to his senses and filming continued. This remains what was broadcast and seen by viewers Saturday evening on TF1. However, the reality seems quite different. In effect, filming was interrupted for a few minutes. This is what the French singer Louane said during an interview. “II was really moved to be able to hear this song again. I was in tears and very touched. Honestly, I couldn’t speak anymore. I had to come off the set afterwards to breathe. I really needed it”.

” On was very touched by the children”

Shocked by the hearing of TiméoLouane admitted to having cried a lot during this filming of The Voice. But she is not the only one. ” We was very touched by the children. Each Kids came with their story and with their emotions that they conveyed through the songs they performed for us”, then explain the singer Louane. “We are not insensitive beings. Not just me. We interrupted the filming quite a bit because we sometimes needed to come to our senses. We’ve all had our emotional moments.”.

Her audition brought up a lot of emotions that Louane simply needed to take time to digest. It’s hard enough when the candidates are adults who transmit emotions through their interpretation of the songs. However, children hit some much harder. It often happens that it is difficult to conceive that a child can arouse so many emotions. Louane bears witness to this. Watching all the kids audition then seems harder than it looks. And sometimes, you have to know how to take a little distance.

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