Louane in tears, like a season under the sign of emotion

Louane in tears, like a season under the sign of emotion

Get your tissues ready! The new season of children of the voicelaunched this Saturday at 9:10 p.m. on TF1, will be tearful or will not be. “There is a particular emotion, promises artistic producer Pascal Guix. This is the season where there were the most shooting interruptions, I thank Louane for that. “If this gratitude is expressed with a smile, it is no less true for all that: the singer, new recruit, among the coaches, cried a lot on the set. The first episode will also show one of her post-deluge of tears makeup fittings.

To promote telecrochet, TF1 unveiled a preview of one of the sequences where emotion took over: the recovery by Timéo, 12, ofA happy man by William Sheller. From the first notes, tears began to well up in the corner of Louane’s eyes, who let out a “I’m going to die”.

“This song changed my life. I wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t existed”, she explained a little later, recalling that it was this piece that she performed during the blind audition that ‘revealed in season 2 of The voicenine years ago. ” I did not expect that. You are really impressive, you touched me deeply,” she told the budding singer.

“It’s good to hear that”

Julien Doré, the other coach doing his baptism of fire in children of the voice this season, praised the “sublime” interpretation of the child. During the show’s press conference in early July, the artist returned to this sequence: “It’s good to hear that, especially since we live in complicated times. Obviously, it’s a TV show, a competition, but it’s still children who come to deliver something with adult songs, texts that have marked our generations. When a child wants to tell us, through this title by William Sheller, that what he wants for the future is to be a happy man, the emotion is increased tenfold. »

When Pascal Guix pointed out that the fact that the quartet of coaches was made up of three dads (Kendji Girac and Patrick Fiori are also in the game) and a mom gives a particular tone to this season, he may not have not wrong. “There were moments like that, which reminded us of our role as human beings, as parents and our responsibility to do everything so that little Timéo is happy in the years to come,” says Julien Doré.

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