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Little House on the Prairie: An iconic actor accused of raping a 5-year-old girl in France

Radames Pera is the main actor in the series “Little House on the Prairie”. In this fascinating story, the American actor embodies the role of John Sanderson Edwards who is the companion of Mary Ingalls on the screen. However, in real life, the 61-year-old man has already been married to an actress from France since 2015. Two years later, the latter decided to retire in France with his wife’s family. Unfortunately, the fresh start he idealizes has taken a disastrous turn. We explain to you!

Little house on the prairie: The star actor of the series is in a hell of a mess!

Shortly after moving in, the Little House on the Prairie actor finds himself in a legal mess. The month of December 2020, Radames Pera is the subject of suspicion in a case of intimate assault on minors. To this end, the American had to avoid a DNA test to determine if he is guilty of these charges. Only, nothing has been proven before July 2021!

This is the occasion when the Reims court took the scope of the case seriously and filed a lawsuit against this star the cinema. On June 23, 2021, the public prosecutor of Reims affirmed the charges against this celebrity from the little house on the prairie. So far, the accused in this case still pleads innocent to the circumstances. Hence the reason why the investigators cannot definitively incarcerate the presumed culprit!

The American actor has a solid defense argument!

The ongoing case over the Little House on the Prairie actor has already been going on for a few years. So far, no conclusive results have been found on the subject! The authorities have yet to prove Radames Pera’s guilt. For his part, the latter never tires of proclaiming his innocence in this story. Nevertheless, the family of the victims does not let go in their pursuit until they find the real culprit!

Thus, Radames Pera of the little house on the prairie had to go back and forth to the courts several times to confront justice. At least the latter had the support of a lawyer to represent him in this case. Faced with this infernal file, the victim’s lawyer start to lose hope ! This is the master Pascal Ammoura. Whenever the media ask him about the progress of the case, the lawyer prefers not to comment!

The little house on the prairie: Can the solitary life undertaken by the actor be at the origin of his act?

We are still far from defining if the star of the little house on the prairie is at fault in this case. Upon becoming aware of the latest circumstances of one’s life, doubts can gnaw at anyone’s mind. Since his arrival in France, Radames Pera chose a solitary life and homebody!

However, in his former life in America, the iconic face of Little House on the Prairie was well surrounded. He socialized with many people and never felt alone. Since his retirement, he has maybe felt a lack of affection who pushed him to this unhealthy act!

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