Linda Evangelista hits magazine cover five after 'devastating' surgery

Linda Evangelista hits magazine cover five after ‘devastating’ surgery


Instagram screenshot Vogue UK

Instagram screenshot Vogue UK

For her comeback in a fashion magazine, Linda Evangelista did things her own way.

FASHION – At 57, Linda Evangelista has not said goodbye to the world of fashion. After posing in July for an advertising campaign for the Italian brand Fendi, the Canadian model appears this time in one of the British edition of the magazine vogue of September 2022.

As the famous magazine shows, it is partly hidden by a red scarf topped with a hat of the same color that Linda Evangelista is making her return to the cover of a fashion magazine. An outfit carefully designed to allow the model to conceal the changes made to her body, following the CoolSculpting (or cryolipolysis) surgery procedures carried out a few years earlier and which left heavy scars on her face and body, even constraining her to remain isolated.

“It’s not my jaw and my neck in real life”, even details Linda Evangelista in the interview she gives to the magazine for the occasion. To do this the article of vogue explains that makeup artist Pat McGrath “delicately outlined her face, jawline and neck with tape and rubber bands” to allow the model to hide the damage caused by the surgery that took her “disfigured” and rendered “unemployable”in his own words.

You’re not going to see me in a bathing suit, that’s for sure”

During this interview, she also said she was reassured to have finally completed her lawsuit against the company Zeltiq Aesthetics. The one who filed a complaint “serious injury” following the treatment followed with the CoolSculpting program, says “glad to have settled the matter”.

“I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life with my friends and family, and I am happy to put this matter behind me”she adds, even if this timid return to the world of fashion remains a first step: “ You’re not going to see me in a bathing suit, that’s for sure. It’s going to be difficult to find jobs with things beyond me; without retouching, squeezing, gluing, compressing or cheating…”she also remarks.

“I miss my job so much, but honestly, what can I do? It’s not going to be easy”ends up concluding Linda Evangelista.

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