Like queens - "Very poignant", "The slap!", "Powerful drama", "Bravo": Internet users amazed by the France 2 TV movie on the prostitution of minors

Like queens – “Very poignant”, “The slap!”, “Powerful drama”, “Bravo”: Internet users amazed by the France 2 TV movie on the prostitution of minors


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A subject as difficult as the prostitution of minors had to be treated with finesse and realism. According to internet users, the contract has been largely fulfilled by “Comme des reines”, the punchy TV movie broadcast this Wednesday evening on France 2.

This Wednesday, June 22, 2022, France 2 broadcast “Comme des reines”, the TV movie by videographer Marion Vernoux on the prostitution of minors. A feature film not recommended for children under 12 years old which took the side of realism on this most shocking subject.

Three young girls from Seine-et-Marne, Samia, Louise and Jessica find themselves trapped in a prostitution ring. The first suffers from the departure of her father and the somewhat too perfect example of her big sister who is a studious student. The second, in conflict with her mother, is in love with Nico the pimp, and imagines an illusory future life with him in the south. The third is without any family reference… And all are attracted by easy money.

In this network, they will first think of finding a substitute family: between false protections and valuations with a manipulative aim. Parties, alcohol, drugs, housing and pizzas delivered to your home… But very quickly, the situation will deteriorate. After the visit from the police, the gang is forced to leave their spacious apartment to temporarily move into a shabby hotel. Very quickly too, Samia understands that the pimps negotiate “extras” for her without consulting her. The scene in which she is forced to accept sodomy against her will is unbearable…

Nico and his henchmen have, despite what these young prostitutes think, no benevolence towards them, and several episodes, each more shocking than the other, will reveal his selfishness. Thus, while he is officially going out with Louise, Nico will offer a promotion to Samia with a view to sleeping with her. An event that will allow the young woman to begin (gently) to open her eyes. Later, the pimp decides to join forces with another man, to whom he decides to take the three escorts.

During this evening, Louise is forced to perform oral sex on the host in question and in front of everyone, in order to allow Nico to carry out his new business. A still very hard scene, just like the one that came a few minutes later: one of the girls, Jessica, is secretly pregnant. After several abortions in the past, the young woman decided to keep the baby in the hope of starting a new, healthier life when she was born. But during a pass during this evening, she will suffer acts so violent that she will lose her baby.

With its shock sequences that tackle all the dramatic aspects of child prostitution, this film deeply moved France 2 viewers. On Twitter, it was described as “very realistic” and “powerful”. The performance of the three main actresses, all novices, was also praised by Internet users.

This telefilm also “scared” many Internet users, who took the measure of the nightmare experienced by the victims of prostitution and by their relatives who live to the rhythm of their runaways, and in perpetual anguish.

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