Ligue 1 - Nice - Objectif titre, Gouiri et Thuram, ADN : Ce que le retour de Lucien Favre va changer

Ligue 1 – Nice – Objectif titre, Gouiri et Thuram, ADN : Ce que le retour de Lucien Favre va changer


Back to DNA

With Lucien Favre, Nice is refocusing. The return of the Swiss coach should allow the club to rediscover what has been its strength in recent years, but which the arrival of INEOS had ended up dissipating. The game is again the priority, with all that implies in terms of temporality and while Galtier’s mandate had rather moved the cursor towards the importance of the result. This decision was taken after an exchange with the owner, according to Jean-Pierre Rivère.

League 1

Galtier at PSG, there are “a few details to settle”


We proposed a different strategy to the shareholder, we wanted to find the DNA of the club, to have fun thanks to the game. That OGC Nice be recognizable beyond its jersey.

Ambition but restrictions in the direction of arrivals…

Despite the presence of Ineos for two and a half years, Nice has still not made a very big hit on the market, contenting itself with interesting bets but not always paying off (Dolberg, Stengs, Claude-Maurice). If the Aiglons do not strike harder, it is above all to stay in the nails of financial fair play. And not because of a possible timidity of Ineos.

And now Fofana: is Paris going too far in its made in L1 tracks?

Nevertheless, Favre’s arrival could also coincide with a new transfer window strategy. By emphasizing quality more than quantity. “There will certainly be transfers, it is essentialconfided the Swiss coach. One or two players can make a huge difference in a team.”

In football, you have an element that blocks a lot of things: financial fair play. There is this constraint. So we will try to do the maximum while respecting the constraints. We have a powerful group, but there is a limit. We’re not talking about big names, we’re talking about doing things smart.

…and firmness in the direction of departures

After a decent season, Nice has several assets in its workforce. Jean-Clair Todibo confirmed, Kephren Thuram revealed himself and Amine Gouiri progressed. But for the Nice coach, there is no question of seeing them leave.

Gouiri and Thuram will stay, that’s for sure. Todibo too. They will stay.

Objective podium… and title?

With him, Nice finished on the podium. Since his departure, the Aiglons have alternated between good and bad. The Swiss, meanwhile, wants to aim higher. And why not do what Monaco or Lille succeeded in the fairly recent past.

Within two years, the objective is to finish in the top three… and even more! I assume. Tell the truth, that’s the goal.

Fournier dismissed

It was no longer a secret to anyone. Between Julien Fournier, director of football at the OGCN, and Christophe Galtier, the coach, there was frying on the line. We imagined that the departure of the coach to Paris Saint-Germain would allow Jean-Pierre Rivère not to choose.

“The Girondins are the laboratory of everything not to do in football business”

Finally, the former president of RC Strasbourg was still dismissed. In the photo announcing the arrival of Lucien Favre, it is Dave Brailsford, the sports director of INEOS, who took the pose alongside the president and the coach.

Tensions are part of club life. Afterwards, it’s not really the kind of thing we like. Julien has a future perhaps elsewhere than at OGC Nice.

League 1

The post-Galtier period has begun: Favre arrives in Nice


League 1

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